10 Inspiring Handmade Jewelry Designs for a Unique Look
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 11 min read


  1. Boho Chic Beaded Necklace
  2. Elegant Clay Earrings
  3. Vintage Style Locket
  4. Wire-Wrapped Gemstone Ring
  5. Leather and Pearls Bracelet
  6. Hand-Hammered Gold Hoop Earrings
  7. Adjustable Macrame Bracelet
  8. Stained Glass Pendant
  9. Charm Cluster Necklace
  10. Fused Glass Pendant

Everyone loves a unique piece of jewelry, right? But what's even better is when that jewelry is a one-of-a-kind, artisan-crafted piece. With these 10 inspiring handmade jewelry designs, you'll be able to sport a unique look that stands out from the crowd. From boho chic beaded necklaces to vintage style lockets, this list is sure to inspire you!

Boho Chic Beaded Necklace

First on our list of handmade jewelry designs is the Boho Chic Beaded Necklace. This necklace is the embodiment of the free-spirited, earthy, and artistic vibes that bohemian style stands for. The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity and versatility. It's not just about aesthetics, but also about expressing your inner spirit—much like the boho chic style itself.

Creating a Boho Chic Beaded Necklace involves the following steps:

  1. Select your beads: The first step is to pick out your beads. You can go for wooden beads, glass beads, ceramic beads, or a mix of all three. The key is to choose beads in earthy tones and varied sizes to achieve that boho look.
  2. Design your necklace: Layout your beads in the order you want to string them. You can create patterns with your beads or go for a random look. There's no right or wrong way here—it's about what appeals to you.
  3. String your beads: Once you're satisfied with your design, it's time to string your beads. You can use a sturdy string or wire for this. Ensure all beads are well-secured and the necklace is long enough to slip over your head.
  4. Add a personal touch: Lastly, add a personal touch. This could be a pendant, a charm, or a tassel at the end. Remember, this is about expressing your style and personality.

That's it! You've just created a unique Boho Chic Beaded Necklace. You can pair this necklace with a flowy maxi dress, a simple tee, or even a formal blouse. Its versatility makes it a must-have in your handmade jewelry collection.

Elegant Clay Earrings

Next up on our list of handmade jewelry designs are the Elegant Clay Earrings. If you're a fan of minimalistic yet chic jewelry, these earrings are just for you. These earrings have a timeless appeal while being incredibly versatile. You know what's the best part? You can customize them to match any outfit!

Here's how you can create your very own Elegant Clay Earrings:

  1. Choose your clay: Start by selecting your clay. Polymer clay is a great choice for beginners as it's easy to work with and comes in a wide range of colors. Remember, you can mix different clays to create unique shades!
  2. Mold your clay: Sculpt your clay into the desired shape. This could be a simple circle, an elegant teardrop, or even a quirky geometric shape. Use a rolling pin to ensure the clay is smooth and even.
  3. Bake your clay: Once you're happy with your design, it's time to bake your clay. Make sure to poke a hole for the earring hook before baking! Follow the baking instructions on your clay package for the best results.
  4. Add your earring hooks: After your clay has cooled down, add the earring hooks through the holes. You might need a pair of pliers for this. Ensure the hooks are securely fastened.

Voila! You have a pair of Elegant Clay Earrings. These earrings can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for both day and night looks. A pair of these earrings is sure to make a stylish statement. So why wait? Start creating your handmade jewelry designs now!

Vintage Style Locket

Let's journey back in time with our next piece — the Vintage Style Locket. This classic piece of jewelry is not only fashionable but also carries a sense of nostalgia and sentiment. It's the perfect accessory to keep a special photograph or a tiny keepsake close to your heart.

Here's how you can craft your very own Vintage Style Locket:

  1. Pick the locket: The first step in creating your vintage style locket is to select the locket itself. You'll find a variety of shapes and sizes in craft stores or online. An oval or heart-shaped locket would add a classic touch.
  2. Choose your image: Select a photo or memento that holds a special place in your heart. It could be a picture of your loved ones, a cherished memory, or even a small piece of fabric from a beloved garment.
  3. Size it right: Cut your chosen image to fit perfectly in your locket. Remember to be gentle to avoid damaging the photo.
  4. Secure the image: Carefully place the image in your locket and secure it. Some lockets have built-in frames, while others might require a dab of glue.
  5. Add a chain: Finally, thread a chain through the locket's loop. You can choose from silver, gold, or even a colored chain to match your style.

And there you have it — your very own Vintage Style Locket. This beautiful piece of handmade jewelry design is a testament to timeless elegance. It's a unique accessory that tells your personal story. So, why not give it a try? You might just find that creating it is as rewarding as wearing it!

Wire-Wrapped Gemstone Ring

Next up on our list of inspiring handmade jewelry designs is the Wire-Wrapped Gemstone Ring. This trendy piece has a rustic charm that beautifully complements any outfit. Plus, it gives you the freedom to pick a gemstone that resonates with you, making this ring truly personal.

Want to make your own Wire-Wrapped Gemstone Ring? Here's how:

  1. Choose your gemstone: Start by picking a gemstone of your choice. It could be your birthstone, your favorite color, or a gem that holds a special meaning for you.
  2. Get your wire: You'll need a sturdy yet pliable wire for this project. I recommend using a 20-gauge wire as it's easy to work with but still strong enough to hold the gemstone securely.
  3. Measure your finger: Use a ring sizer or a piece of string to measure the size of your finger. This will ensure that your ring fits perfectly.
  4. Wrap the wire: Cut a length of wire (about 20 inches should do it) and start wrapping it around the gemstone. Be sure to leave enough wire at both ends to create the ring band.
  5. Form the band: Wrap the remaining wire ends around a mandrel, or any cylindrical object of the right size, to create the ring band. Trim any excess wire and tuck the ends in to avoid any sharp edges.

Voila! You now have a Wire-Wrapped Gemstone Ring. This handmade jewelry design is a great way to bring a touch of nature into your everyday style. Plus, the satisfaction of wearing something you've crafted yourself is truly priceless. So why not give it a shot? You might surprise yourself with your hidden jewelry-making talents!

Leather and Pearls Bracelet

Switching gears from gemstones to pearls, let's take a look at yet another inspiring handmade jewelry design — the Leather and Pearls Bracelet. This design marries the rugged appeal of leather with the timeless elegance of pearls, creating a unique piece of jewelry that's sure to make heads turn.

Here’s how you can make your own Leather and Pearls Bracelet:

  1. Select your pearls: Pick out pearls that suit your style. These can be freshwater pearls, faux pearls, or even Swarovski crystal pearls. Remember, the size and color of the pearls can greatly influence the final look of your bracelet.
  2. Choose your leather: You'll need a leather cord for this project. Opt for one that's sturdy yet flexible, and choose a color that complements your pearls.
  3. Measure your wrist: Use a flexible tape measure or a piece of string to get the measurement of your wrist. Add an extra inch to this measurement for a comfortable fit.
  4. Thread the pearls: Start by threading the pearls onto the leather cord. Space them out evenly or cluster them together — it's entirely up to you!
  5. Secure the ends: Once you're happy with the placement of the pearls, secure the ends of the leather cord with a clasp. This could be a lobster clasp, a toggle clasp, or even a button for a more rustic look.

And there you have it — your very own Leather and Pearls Bracelet. This handmade jewelry design is a testament to the fact that sometimes, contrasting elements can come together to create something truly stunning. So go ahead, give this project a whirl — who knows, you might just find a new hobby in jewelry-making!

Hand-Hammered Gold Hoop Earrings

From the rugged leather-and-pearl ensemble, let's transition to the realm of gold. Next up on our list of inspiring handmade jewelry designs are the Hand-Hammered Gold Hoop Earrings. There's something incredibly attractive about the uneven, hand-hammered texture of these earrings that sets them apart from their machine-made counterparts.

Here’s how you can create your very own Hand-Hammered Gold Hoop Earrings:

  1. Pick your gold: First things first, choose the type of gold you'd like to work with. You can go for gold-plated wire, gold-filled wire, or solid gold wire, depending on your budget and preference.
  2. Shape your hoops: Cut the wire to the desired length and shape it into hoops. You can use a round object, like a bottle or a can, as a guide to get the perfect circular shape.
  3. Hammer away: Here comes the fun part! Use a jewelry hammer to create the textured, hammered effect on your hoops. Do this on a hard, flat surface, and remember to wear safety goggles — safety first!
  4. Add the finishing touches: Finally, add ear wires to your hoops. You can make these from the same type of gold wire, or buy ready-made ones. Also, consider adding small beads or charms for an extra touch of glamour.

So, are you ready to make your own Hand-Hammered Gold Hoop Earrings? This handmade jewelry design is not just a fun DIY project, but also a great way to add a touch of personal flair to your style. Remember, the beauty of handmade jewelry lies in its imperfections — each hammer mark adds character and tells a story of the hands that made it. Happy crafting!

Adjustable Macrame Bracelet

Switching gears a bit, let's step into the wonderful world of macrame. Macrame is a textile-making technique that uses knotting instead of weaving or knitting. Its origins trace back centuries and it's currently making quite a comeback in today's fashion. One of the most popular handmade jewelry designs that use this technique is the Adjustable Macrame Bracelet.

Can you picture yourself wearing a delicate macrame bracelet, the intricately knotted design gently resting on your wrist? Better yet, imagine gifting one to a dear friend or loved one. Let’s get started on how you can craft one:

  1. Choose your cord: The cord is the backbone of your bracelet. You can use hemp, cotton, or synthetic cord. Choose a color that suits your style or mood.
  2. Learn the basics: Macrame involves different types of knots. For a basic bracelet, you'll need to learn the square knot and the sliding knot. Don't worry, there are plenty of tutorials out there to help you master these knots.
  3. Start knotting: Once you've got the knots down, it's time to start making your bracelet. You can add beads, charms, or even small shells to your design to make it uniquely yours.
  4. Wrap it up: Finally, finish off your bracelet with an adjustable closure. This allows the wearer to adjust the bracelet to their wrist size — a thoughtful feature that adds to the beauty and functionality of the design.

Creating an Adjustable Macrame Bracelet is an enjoyable process. The rhythm of the knotting can be quite calming, and seeing your handmade jewelry design come to life is incredibly satisfying. So, are you ready to try your hand at macrame?

Stained Glass Pendant

When you think of stained glass, grand church windows might come to mind, right? But what if I told you that this beautiful art form can also be a part of your daily fashion? Yes, that's right! Stained glass isn't just for windows anymore; it's also a fantastic material for unique handmade jewelry designs, such as the Stained Glass Pendant.

The beauty of this kind of pendant is its versatility. There's no limit to the shapes, colors, or designs you can create, and each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, just like you. Here are some steps to get you started on your stained glass journey:

  1. Pick your pattern: Your first step is to decide on the design for your pendant. It could be something simple like a geometric shape, or something more intricate like a floral design. The choice is yours!
  2. Select your glass: Next, pick the right glass for your design. The color and texture of the glass can dramatically change the look of your pendant, so choose wisely.
  3. Cutting and grinding: After your design is ready and your glass is chosen, it's time to cut the glass pieces according to your pattern. Then, you'll grind the edges to make them smooth.
  4. Foil and solder: Now, you'll wrap the edges of the pieces with copper foil and then solder them together. This process is what gives the piece its unique stained-glass look.
  5. Finishing touches: Lastly, attach a jump ring and a chain, and voila! Your beautiful stained glass pendant is ready to wear or gift.

Creating a Stained Glass Pendant is a labor of love, but the result is a unique piece of handmade jewelry design that can be treasured for a lifetime. So, why not add a splash of color to your jewelry collection?

Charm Cluster Necklace

Ever wished to carry little symbols of your personality, your journey, or your dreams around your neck? Wish no more as the Charm Cluster Necklace lets you do precisely that. This particular handmade jewelry design has a unique ability to tell stories through the charms it carries—like a wearable scrapbook or a locket, but with more space!

Imagine a necklace with a tiny Eiffel Tower charm because you dream of visiting Paris, or a little book charm because you love to read. The possibilities are endless! Here's how you can begin creating your Charm Cluster Necklace:

  1. Choose Your Charms: Start by selecting charms that represent you or the person you're making the necklace for. These could be anything from symbols, initials, numbers, or small objects. Remember, each charm adds a new chapter to your story.
  2. Select Your Chain: The next step is to pick a chain that suits your style. It could be silver, gold, antique bronze, or even colorful beads. The length of the chain can also vary depending on whether you prefer a choker, a princess length, or a matinee length necklace.
  3. Attach Your Charms: Now comes the fun part. Using jump rings, attach your charms to the chain. You can space them out evenly or group them together based on your preference.
  4. Add A Clasp: Finally, add a clasp to your chain, and your Charm Cluster Necklace is ready to wear!

Creating a Charm Cluster Necklace is not just about crafting a piece of jewelry; it's about creating a piece of art that tells your story. So, what story will your handmade jewelry design tell?

Fused Glass Pendant

What if you could wear a piece of the rainbow around your neck? No, it's not a fantasy. With a Fused Glass Pendant, you can carry a splash of colors wherever you go. Known for their vibrant hues and unique patterns, these handmade jewelry designs are true eye-catchers.

Imagine wearing a pendant that mirrors the deep blues of the ocean or the fiery reds of a sunset. Sounds dreamy, right? Here's how you can make your own Fused Glass Pendant:

  1. Pick Your Glass: Start by choosing the colors of glass you'd like for your pendant. You can choose one color or a mix of several to create a mosaic-like effect.
  2. Cut and Layer: Next, cut your glass into the desired shape and size. You can stack multiple layers of glass to add depth to your pendant.
  3. Fuse Your Glass: Now comes the magical part. Place your stacked glass in a kiln and heat it until the layers fuse together. The high temperature transforms your glass pieces into a single, beautiful pendant.
  4. Add a Bail: Once your pendant has cooled down, attach a bail to the top. This allows you to string it onto a necklace. Voila, your Fused Glass Pendant is ready!

Creating a Fused Glass Pendant allows you to express your creativity and add a pop of color to your outfits. So, are you ready to bring your own rainbow to life with this handmade jewelry design?

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