10 Practical Alice in Wonderland Drawing Ideas for Beginners
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 9 min read


  1. Sketch the White Rabbit
  2. Draw Alice in Wonderland
  3. Render the Cheshire Cat
  4. Portray the Queen of Hearts
  5. Depict the Mad Hatter
  6. Illustrate the Caterpillar
  7. Showcase the Dormouse
  8. Create a scene from the Tea Party
  9. Design the Garden of Live Flowers
  10. Bring to life the Jabberwocky

If you are a beginner in the world of art and are looking for some fun and practical drawing ideas, then you've come to the right place. We have compiled a list of 10 Alice in Wonderland drawing ideas. The magical and whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland offers a plethora of interesting characters to draw, and we are going to break it down for you. So, grab your sketchbook, your pencils, and let's get started!

Sketch the White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is the first character Alice encounters in Wonderland. This anxious and punctual creature is a great character to start with. His unique outfit and accessories make him stand out in the crowd.

  • Body: Start by sketching a small round shape for his head and a larger oval for his body; remember, rabbits have plump bodies. Add two long ears at the top of his head. Now, sketch the details of his face. He has round eyes, a small button-like nose, and a pair of whiskers.
  • Outfit: The White Rabbit is always dressed in a hurry. Draw him in his iconic outfit: a waistcoat, a pocket watch, and an umbrella. Don't forget his spectacles resting on his nose!
  • Expression: The White Rabbit always seems to be in a rush, looking at his pocket watch with a worried expression. Try to capture this detail in your drawing to make it more authentic.

There you have it! You've sketched your first character from Alice in Wonderland. This is just the beginning, and with each drawing, you'll get better and more confident. So, don't worry if it's not perfect the first time. Keep practicing, and remember, the goal here is to have fun and explore new Alice in Wonderland drawing ideas.

Draw Alice in Wonderland

Let's move on to the main character of our story—Alice. Alice is a little girl with a big imagination, and her character is quite simple to draw. Here's how you can do it:

  • Face: Start by drawing a circle for her face. Add two almond-shaped eyes, a small curved line for her nose, and a wide smile.
  • Hair: Alice is known for her short, blond hair. Sketch her hair as two curved lines coming down each side of her face. Don't forget to add her iconic black hairband at the top.
  • Outfit: Alice wears a simple blue dress with a white pinafore. Draw her dress as a bell-shaped line coming down from her neck. Add her pinafore as a square shape over her dress.
  • Expression: Alice is often drawn looking curious or surprised. Try to capture this in her eyes and mouth to bring your drawing to life.

And, voila! You've drawn Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Remember, it's not about making it perfect—it's about exploring your creativity and having fun. So, don't be afraid to add your own twist to these classic Alice in Wonderland drawing ideas. Maybe Alice has a different hair color in your version, or perhaps she's wearing a different dress. The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity run wild!

Render the Cheshire Cat

Now, let's move on to a character that's all about mystery and mischief—the Cheshire Cat. This character is known for his iconic grin and unique striped body. Here's how you can create your own rendition:

  • Face: Start with a circular face. Add two wide, oval-shaped eyes with tiny pupils in the center. The Cheshire Cat's grin is his most defining feature, so make sure you draw a wide smile that extends across his face.
  • Body: Draw a large, fluffy tail and a striped body. The Cheshire Cat's body is usually depicted as flexible and twisty, so don't be afraid to play around with his shape.
  • Color: The Cheshire Cat is typically purple and pink, but feel free to experiment with other color combinations.
  • Expression: Try to capture the Cheshire Cat's mischievous personality in his eyes and grin.

There you go—you've drawn the Cheshire Cat! As with all of our Alice in Wonderland drawing ideas, remember that the most important part is to have fun and let your creativity shine. So, who's next on your drawing list?

Portray the Queen of Hearts

Next on our list of Alice in Wonderland drawing ideas is the Queen of Hearts. Known for her fiery temper and fondness for the phrase "Off with their heads!", she's a character that's both fun and challenging to draw:

  • Face: Start with an oval face. Draw two small, angry eyes and a small mouth to capture her notorious temper. Add a small crown on top of her head.
  • Body: She's often depicted in a gown. Draw a heart shape on the chest of her dress to signify her title. Don't forget her scepter!
  • Color: Use shades of red for her gown and crown. Her scepter can be gold, offering a nice contrast.
  • Expression: Her face should display a stern or angry expression to reflect her volatile personality.

And there you have it - the Queen of Hearts in all her royal grandeur! Remember, the key to capturing the essence of Alice in Wonderland characters lies in their expressions and defining features. Keep practicing, and soon you'll have a full set of Alice in Wonderland drawings to be proud of. So, which character will you choose to draw next?

Depict the Mad Hatter

Let's move onto another intriguing character from Alice in Wonderland — the Mad Hatter. Known for his eccentric personality and love for tea parties, the Mad Hatter is a great choice to add variety to your Alice in Wonderland drawing ideas. Here are the steps for drawing this quirky character:

  • Face: Begin with a round face. Draw large, expressive eyes and a wide, toothy grin to capture his eccentricity. Add a top hat with a card labeled '10/6' — this is a signature feature you can't miss.
  • Body: Draw him wearing his iconic suit. The suit should be complete with a bow tie and a waistcoat. Remember, the Mad Hatter has a unique style, so feel free to be creative!
  • Color: Use vibrant colors for his clothing. His hat is typically green, and his suit can be a mixture of different colors. This will help to emphasize his flamboyant personality.
  • Props: Consider adding a cup of tea in one hand, a reference to his infamous tea parties.

The Mad Hatter is a character that truly embodies the whimsy and eccentricity of Alice in Wonderland. Drawing him can be a fun challenge that allows for a lot of creative freedom. So grab your drawing tools and let the Mad Hatter inspire your creativity!

Illustrate the Caterpillar

Let's turn our attention to another fascinating character from the Alice in Wonderland universe — the Caterpillar. Known for his philosophical musings and love for hookah, this character brings a unique flavor to your Alice in Wonderland drawing ideas. Here's a simple guide to illustrate this wise and aloof character.

  • Body: Start by sketching a long, segmented body. Add tiny feet under each segment for the Caterpillar's numerous legs.
  • Face: Draw a small, round face at one end of the body. Give him a pair of narrowed eyes and a downturned mouth to reflect his stern demeanor.
  • Hookah: Don't forget to include his iconic hookah pipe. Position it so that he seems to be puffing out smoke, adding to his mysterious aura.
  • Color: Use shades of blue and green to color the Caterpillar. These hues will not only make him stand out but also complement his cool, aloof personality.
  • Setting: Lastly, place him on top of a mushroom. This adds a final touch to your drawing, grounding the Caterpillar in the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland.

Remember, the Caterpillar is a character that's as complex as he is colorful. So take your time, let your creativity flow, and have fun as you bring him to life in your artwork!

Showcase the Dormouse

Next on our list of Alice in Wonderland drawing ideas, let's dive into the endearing character of the Dormouse. Known for his sleepy demeanor and love for telling stories, the Dormouse adds a sweet and soothing touch to your Alice in Wonderland themed drawings. Here's how you can capture this adorable character on your canvas:

  • Start with the Basic Shape: The Dormouse is a small and chubby character. Begin with a round body shape and add small feet and a long tail.
  • Depict the Facial Features: Draw a small, round face with large, half-closed eyes to show his sleepy nature. Add a tiny, button-like nose and a small smile to give him a friendly appearance.
  • Add the Ears: The Dormouse has large, fluffy ears. Draw them at the top of his head, making sure they're proportional to his small body size.
  • Color Palette: Use shades of soft brown and cream for the Dormouse's fur. These colors will give him a warm and cuddly appearance.
  • Include a Teapot: Finally, remember the Dormouse's iconic teapot. Draw him peeking out of it or snuggled up inside. This will not only make your drawing unique but also add an element of the fantastical Alice in Wonderland tea party scene.

So, are you ready to showcase the Dormouse in your artwork? With these simple steps, you'll be able to create an adorable and memorable addition to your Alice in Wonderland drawing ideas. Happy sketching!

Create a Scene from the Tea Party

One of the most iconic scenes from Alice in Wonderland is, without a doubt, the Mad Hatter's tea party. It's an explosion of color, chaos, and whimsical charm - perfect for those looking to flex their creative muscles. Let's explore how you can bring this Alice in Wonderland drawing idea to life:

  • Set the Stage: Start by sketching out the basic elements of the scene. This includes a large table filled with teapots, teacups, and plates of treats. Don't forget to add a few chairs around the table for the characters.
  • Add the Characters: At the forefront of this scene are the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the Dormouse. Sketch them in various poses - perhaps the Mad Hatter is pouring tea, the March Hare is eating a sandwich, and the Dormouse is dozing off in a teapot.
  • Include Alice: Alice should also be present in the scene. She could be sitting at the table looking bewildered or standing off to the side, her curiosity piqued by the unusual gathering.
  • Details Matter: The charm of this scene is in its details. Add elements such as floating teacups, scattered pocket watches, and a sign reading "Unbirthday Party". These details will add depth to your drawing and truly capture the spirit of the Alice in Wonderland tea party.
  • Color it In: The tea party scene is vibrant and colorful. Use a variety of bright colors to fill in your drawing, making it as cheerful and chaotic as the scene from the book.

The tea party scene is a great Alice in Wonderland drawing idea, as it allows you to experiment with different characters, poses, and details. Remember, in Wonderland, nothing is as it seems, so let your imagination run wild. Enjoy the process and see where your creativity takes you!

Design the Garden of Live Flowers

You must remember the Garden of Live Flowers, don't you? It's an enchanting place where flowers have faces and they can talk! The garden is a wonderful opportunity for you to play with colors and shapes. So, let's see how you can create this Alice in Wonderland drawing idea:

  • Draw the Layout: Start with the basics. Sketch a garden path that meanders through flower beds, overgrown with a variety of flowers and shrubs.
  • Plant the Flowers: Now, it's time to add the main characters - the flowers. Draw a variety of them - roses, daisies, lilies, and more. Use different sizes and shapes to make the garden look lush and diverse.
  • Give Them Faces: Here comes the fun part! Give each flower a face. They don't have to be realistic - in fact, the more whimsical, the better. Some flowers can look happy, some confused, and some just plain grumpy!
  • Include Alice: Alice is, of course, a part of this scene. Draw her standing on the garden path, looking surprised and intrigued by the talking flowers.
  • Bring it to Life with Colors: The final step is to bring your drawing to life with colors. Use bright, vibrant hues for the flowers and the garden, making it look as magical as it does in Alice's Wonderland.

Designing the Garden of Live Flowers is one of those Alice in Wonderland drawing ideas that allows you to really unleash your creativity. Remember, it's all about having fun and creating something that reflects your unique style. Happy drawing!

Bring to Life the Jabberwocky

The Jabberwocky, with its fiery eyes and gnashing teeth, is one of the more fearsome creatures in Alice’s Wonderland. Drawing this beast might seem a little challenging, but with these steps, you can bring it to life on the paper:

  • Sketch the Beast: Start by sketching the Jabberwocky's basic shape. It's a dragon-like creature, so think big wings, a long tail, and a serpentine body. Don't worry about details just yet—this is just the first step.
  • Add the Details: Now, add in the details. Draw its eyes—fiery and menacing. Sketch its claws, sharp and dangerous. Don't forget the Jabberwocky's signature feature—its gnashing teeth. Make them look as fearsome as you can!
  • Include Alice: Just like in the previous Alice in Wonderland drawing idea, include Alice in your drawing. She could be standing at a distance, sword in hand, ready to battle the beast. This adds a sense of action and drama to your drawing.
  • Finalize with Colors: Finally, bring the Jabberwocky to life with colors. Use dark, intense shades to highlight its fearsome features. But remember, this is your interpretation of the Jabberwocky, so feel free to use any colors that you like.

Drawing the Jabberwocky might seem daunting at first, but remember, every artist was once an amateur. So, take your time, follow these steps, and most importantly, enjoy the process. Happy drawing!

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