5 Creative DIY Jewelry Display Stands for Craft Shows
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  1. How to make a pegboard display stand
  2. How to create a tree branch jewelry stand
  3. How to construct a copper pipe jewelry stand
  4. How to craft a picture frame jewelry display
  5. How to assemble a wire mesh jewelry stand

Creating a unique and appealing display for your jewelry at craft shows can truly set your work apart. With some creativity—and a bit of elbow grease—you can design your own DIY jewelry display stands for craft shows. Not only will this save you money, it will also add a personal touch to your booth that customers will appreciate. In this blog, we will walk you through five different DIY jewelry display stands that you can easily make for your next craft show.

How to make a pegboard display stand

First on our list of DIY jewelry display stands for craft shows is the versatile pegboard display stand. This stand is not only easy to make but also customizable to fit your unique needs. So, let's get started!

Materials Needed

Here's what you'll need:

  • A pegboard
  • Wood for the frame (two 2x4s would work great)
  • Screws for assembling the frame
  • Pegboard hooks
  • Paint or stain (optional)

Steps to Follow

Now that you've gathered your materials, let's build your pegboard display stand:

  1. Build the frame: Start by cutting your 2x4s to the desired length and width of your stand.
  2. Attach the pegboard: Next, screw the pegboard onto the frame. Remember to make sure that the holes on the pegboard align with the frame.
  3. Add the hooks: Once your frame is sturdy, it's time to add the pegboard hooks. These will hold your jewelry.
  4. Decorate your stand: If you like, you can now paint or stain your stand to match your booth's theme or color scheme.

And there you have it—a functional and customizable pegboard display stand for your craft show jewelry!

Pro Tips

While creating your pegboard stand, remember:

  • Stability is key: Make sure your stand is stable. You don't want it toppling over during a busy craft show.
  • Customize: Use different sizes and shapes of hooks for different types of jewelry. This will add a visual appeal to your stand.

With your new pegboard display stand, you'll be ready to show off your beautiful jewelry at your next craft show. But don't stop there—keep reading for more DIY jewelry display stands for craft shows ideas!

How to create a tree branch jewelry stand

For those who love a touch of nature in their display, creating a tree branch jewelry stand could be the perfect DIY project. Not only is this stand visually appealing, but it's also incredibly eco-friendly. Ready to go green? Let's dive in!

Materials Needed

To create this unique piece, you'll need:

  • A sturdy tree branch
  • A wooden base
  • Screws or strong glue
  • Clear varnish (optional)

Steps to Follow

Now that you're armed with your materials, let's create your tree branch jewelry stand:

  1. Prepare the branch: First, clean your tree branch thoroughly and let it dry.
  2. Secure the branch to the base: Attach the branch to the wooden base using screws or strong glue.
  3. Varnish your stand: If you'd like, apply a clear varnish to the branch and base to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

Voila! You've just created a stunningly natural tree branch jewelry stand for your craft show.

Pro Tips

Keep these tips in mind as you create your branch stand:

  • Choose the right branch: Make sure the branch you choose is sturdy and has plenty of spots to hang jewelry.
  • Stability: Ensure your stand is stable by choosing a heavy base or adding weight to it.

Creating a tree branch jewelry stand is a fantastic way to bring a hint of nature to your craft show booth. Next up, let's take a look at how to construct a copper pipe jewelry stand!

How to construct a copper pipe jewelry stand

Looking for a sleek, modern way to showcase your jewelry at craft shows? A copper pipe jewelry stand might just be the answer! This DIY project is surprisingly easy to pull off, and it adds a touch of industrial chic to any display. Let's see how you can create one!

Materials Needed

You'll need the following materials:

  • Lengths of copper pipe
  • Copper pipe fittings (elbows and tees)
  • Pipe cutter
  • Adhesive

Steps to Follow

With your materials ready, let's get started:

  1. Cut the pipes: You'll need to cut the copper pipes into several lengths to form the structure of your stand.
  2. Assemble the stand: Using the copper fittings, start to assemble your stand. A simple design could be a T-shape or a multi-tiered design if you're feeling more adventurous.
  3. Secure the fittings: Once you're happy with the shape, secure the fittings with adhesive.

And there you have it, a stylish copper pipe jewelry stand, ready for the craft shows!

Pro Tips

Keep these tips in mind as you construct your stand:

  • Planning is key: Plan your design ahead of time, ensuring it will hold all the jewelry pieces you need.
  • Patience: Allow ample time for the adhesive to dry before adding jewelry to the stand.

Building a copper pipe jewelry stand is a creative and trendy way to display your pieces at craft shows. But we're not done yet! Next, let's explore the process of crafting a picture frame jewelry display!

How to craft a picture frame jewelry display

Ready to display your jewelry in a unique and artistic way? Transforming a picture frame into a jewelry display stand is a fantastic DIY project. It's a great way to showcase your pieces at craft shows in a creative and visually appealing manner. Let's get started!

Materials You'll Need

Here's what you'll need to gather:

  • An old picture frame (the more ornate, the better!)
  • Mesh or wire grid
  • Small S-hooks
  • Paint (optional)
  • Staple gun

Step-by-Step Guide

Got your materials ready? Here's what you'll do:

  1. Prep the frame: Remove any glass or backing from the frame. If you'd like, you can paint the frame to match your craft show booth's color scheme.
  2. Attach the mesh: Cut the mesh or wire grid to fit the frame. Attach it with a staple gun.
  3. Add hooks: Attach S-hooks to the mesh. This is where you'll hang your jewelry.

Voila! You've created a unique and artistic picture frame jewelry display stand for your craft show.

Extra Tips

Here are a couple of extra tips to make your stand really stand out:

  • Personalize: Don't be afraid to add a personal touch to your frame. This could be anything from a fun paint color to your logo or business name.
  • Organize: Arrange your jewelry in a way that makes it easy for customers to browse. For example, you could group items by type, color, or price point.

Creating a picture frame jewelry display for craft shows is a fun way to add a touch of personality to your booth. It's a great conversation starter too! Next, we'll learn how to assemble a wire mesh jewelry stand. Are you ready?

How to assemble a wire mesh jewelry stand

Next on our list of DIY jewelry display stands for craft shows is the wire mesh jewelry stand. This stand is minimalist yet effective, providing ample space to display your handcrafted pieces. Let's get to it!

Materials You'll Need

Before we begin, gather the following materials:

  • Wire mesh panel
  • Four wooden dowels or metal rods
  • Cable ties or wire
  • S-hooks

Step-by-Step Guide

With your materials at the ready, follow these steps:

  1. Construct the frame: Attach the four dowels or rods to the corners of the wire mesh panel using cable ties or wire. This will form a sturdy and self-standing frame.
  2. Secure the structure: Make sure to secure the ties or wires tightly to ensure the frame is stable and can support your jewelry.
  3. Hang your jewelry: Attach S-hooks to the mesh, and hang your jewelry pieces on them.

And there you have it! Your DIY wire mesh jewelry stand is ready to steal the show at your next craft fair.

Extra Tips

Here are a few tips to make your wire mesh jewelry stand even better:

  • Height Matters: Consider varying the height of your stands to create a visually engaging display.
  • Be Creative: Use colored cable ties to match the theme of your booth or to add a pop of color to your display.

Wire mesh jewelry stands are a simple yet effective way to showcase your creations at craft shows. They're also quite easy to assemble, aren't they? Up next, we'll dive into constructing a copper pipe jewelry stand. Are you excited?

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