5 Practical Ways to Personalize Your Laptop Look
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 5 min read


  1. Choose and apply a custom wallpaper
  2. Add stickers or decals to your laptop case
  3. Personalize your laptop keyboard
  4. Create custom laptop skins
  5. Use icons to redefine your desktop

Looking to add a touch of personality to your everyday essential? You're in the right place. This blog offers five practical ways to personalize your laptop look, making it a true reflection of your style, interests, or mood. Let's start with the easiest yet impactful change you can make—choosing and applying a custom wallpaper.

Choose and apply a custom wallpaper

The first and simplest way to personalize your laptop look is by changing the wallpaper. A unique wallpaper can immediately transform the vibe of your laptop, giving it a visual appeal that matches your personality.

Finding the Perfect Wallpaper

When it comes to choosing a wallpaper, the world is your oyster. From stunning landscapes and soothing abstract patterns to your favorite movie posters or even a picture of your beloved pet—anything can serve as your wallpaper. Sites like Unsplash, Pexels, or even Google Images can provide an endless source of high-quality images to choose from.

How to Apply a Custom Wallpaper

  1. Once you've found the perfect image, right-click on it and select "Save Image As" to download it on your laptop.
  2. Go to your laptop's settings. If you're using Windows, you can simply right-click on your desktop and select "Personalize". If you're using a Mac, go to "System Preferences" and select "Desktop & Screen Saver".
  3. From there, look for the option to change your desktop background or wallpaper. Click on "Browse" or "Choose a New Wallpaper" and select the image you've just downloaded.
  4. Apply the changes, and voila—you've just personalized your laptop look with a custom wallpaper!

Remember, changing your wallpaper is something you can do as often as you like. Whether you're in the mood for serene beach scenes today and colorful abstract art tomorrow, you have the power to personalize your laptop's look to suit your vibe of the day.

Add stickers or decals to your laptop case

Moving on from the digital realm to the physical, let's talk about another fun way to personalize your laptop look—stickers and decals. Not only can these small adornments make your laptop stand out in a crowd, they can also be a fantastic conversation starter.

Choosing Your Stickers or Decals

Just like your wallpaper, stickers or decals should reflect your interests, passions, or even just your aesthetic preferences. From favorite bands and inspirational quotes to symbols of your hobbies or your most-loved TV shows—stickers and decals can say a lot about you. Stores like Etsy or Redbubble have a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Applying Stickers or Decals to Your Laptop Case

  1. First, ensure your laptop case is clean and dry. This will help the sticker or decal adhere well and last longer.
  2. Peel off the backing of the sticker or decal carefully to ensure it doesn't tear.
  3. Position it on your laptop case where you want it to be. Once you're happy with the placement, press it down firmly and smooth out any bubbles.
  4. Repeat the process for as many stickers or decals you want to apply. Remember, less is more. But if a fully covered laptop case is your style, go for it!

Adding stickers and decals to your laptop case is a great way to express yourself and make your laptop truly yours. And the best part? You can always peel them off and try new ones when you fancy a change!

Personalize your laptop keyboard

Since you're interacting with your laptop keyboard quite a bit, why not give it a makeover too? It's another simple, yet effective way to personalize your laptop look. Keyboards are not just for typing— they can be a canvas for your creativity!

Keyboard Stickers

Now, you might be thinking, 'stickers again?' But hear me out. Keyboard stickers are specially designed to fit your keys. They come in an array of colors, themes, and even glow-in-the-dark options. A set of these can instantly transform your typing experience. And don’t worry about the letters and symbols on your keys, as these stickers usually have them printed on.

Keyboard Covers

Not a fan of stickers? No problem. A keyboard cover might just be the perfect fit for you. In addition to personalizing your laptop look, they also provide a layer of protection against dust and spills. Silicone keyboard covers are popular due to their durability and variety of designs.

Keycap Replacements

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous and techie, replacing your keycaps is another option. This is a bit more involved than applying stickers or covers, and might not be suitable for all laptops. But if compatible, it can add a whole new level of customization to your keyboard.

Embellishing your keyboard is not just about aesthetics, it's about transforming your user experience. It's about turning each keystroke into a statement of your personal style. So, go ahead and give your keyboard that unique touch!

Create custom laptop skins

While we're on the topic of personalizing your laptop look, let's not forget about the most visible part of your laptop — the exterior. It's like a blank canvas waiting for you to express yourself. And what better way to do this than by creating custom laptop skins?

Design Your Own

Are you an artist at heart? Or perhaps there's a specific image or pattern that resonates with you? Well, you can bring those visions to life on your laptop. There are multiple online platforms that allow you to upload your design and turn it into a laptop skin. It's a great way to showcase your creative flair.

Choose Pre-made Designs

If designing isn't your thing, that's perfectly fine. There's a huge market for pre-made laptop skins featuring various themes, from abstract art to movie characters. Whether you're a nature lover, a comic book fan, or a minimalist, there's a design out there for you.

Match Your Style

Remember, your laptop skin can be more than just a pretty picture. It can be an extension of your personality and style. So, whether you're into bold and vibrant patterns or sleek and subtle hues, ensure your laptop skin reflects you.

In essence, creating a custom laptop skin is about more than just aesthetic appeal. It's about owning a piece of technology that feels truly yours. So, why not give it a try and add a personal touch to your laptop look?

Use icons to redefine your desktop

Now that we've talked about the exterior, let's move on to the interior. More specifically, your desktop. A simple and effective way to personalize your laptop look is by changing your desktop icons. This can transform the whole vibe of your workspace in an instant. Let's see how.

Customize Existing Icons

Most operating systems, like Windows and macOS, allow you to change the icons of the applications and folders on your desktop. Just right-click on any icon, go to 'Properties', then 'Change Icon', and pick something that suits your style. You can even use your own images or designs as icons.

Download New Icons

Another great way to redefine your desktop is to download new icons from the internet. There are many websites where you can find thousands of free icons in various styles and themes. Just make sure to download icons that are compatible with your operating system.

Create a Theme

Why stop at changing a few icons when you can create an entire theme? Choose a color scheme, a style, or even a topic, and then find (or create) icons that match it. This can make your desktop not only visually pleasing but also more organized and cohesive.

In a nutshell, changing your desktop icons can give your laptop a whole new look and feel. It's a simple and fun way to add a personal touch to your digital workspace. So, go ahead and play around with icons to personalize your laptop look.

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