5 Pro Tips for Using the Lasso Tool in Procreate
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 5 min read


Tip 1: Selecting Areas with Precision

Tip 2: Transforming Selections

Tip 3: Using Color Drop to Fill Areas

Tip 4: Lasso Tool and Layer Masks

Tip 5: Lasso Tool Shortcuts

Mastering the lasso tool in Procreate can make your digital art projects much more efficient and polished. In this blog, we'll explore five pro tips to help you get the most out of the lasso tool in Procreate, including selecting areas with precision, transforming selections, using color drop to fill areas, integrating the lasso tool with layer masks, and utilizing helpful shortcuts. Let's dive in!

Tip 1: Selecting Areas with Precision

When using the lasso tool in Procreate, it's important to select areas accurately to achieve clean and precise results. Here are three techniques to help you improve your selections:

Using Magnifier

The Magnifier is a useful feature in Procreate that allows you to see a magnified view of your canvas while making selections. To enable the Magnifier, go to Actions (the wrench icon) > Preferences > Magnifier, and turn it on. This will help you make more accurate selections with the lasso tool, even on intricate details.

Zoom In and Out

Another technique to improve your selection precision is to zoom in and out of your canvas. By pinching the screen with two fingers, you can zoom in to focus on smaller areas and zoom out to see the bigger picture. This will help you ensure that you're selecting the exact areas you want with the lasso tool in Procreate.

Reducing Brush Size

When using the lasso tool in Procreate, reducing the brush size can also help you make more accurate selections. To do this, simply tap the brush icon in the top right corner, then slide the size slider to the left. A smaller brush size will allow you to make finer selections, giving you more control over the areas you're working with.

Tip 2: Transforming Selections

Once you've made a selection with the lasso tool in Procreate, you can transform it in various ways to achieve your desired effects. Here are three transformation techniques to try:

Scaling and Rotating

Scaling and rotating your selection can give you more control over its size and orientation. To do this, tap the Transform icon (the arrow icon) and use the blue control points to resize your selection. To rotate, simply place two fingers on the screen and twist them clockwise or counterclockwise. This technique can help you place your selected elements exactly where you want them on the canvas.

Distort and Shear

Distort and shear transformations can add dynamic effects to your selections. With your selection active, tap the Transform icon, then choose "Distort" or "Shear" from the bottom toolbar. Use the control points to manipulate the shape of your selection, creating unique and interesting effects in your artwork. This can be particularly useful for creating perspective or adding movement to your design.

Flip and Mirror

Flipping and mirroring your selections can help you create symmetrical or reversed elements in your artwork. To do this, tap the Transform icon, and then choose either "Flip Horizontal" or "Flip Vertical" from the bottom toolbar. This can be a handy technique when working with text, patterns, or other elements that need to be consistent throughout your design.

Tip 3: Using Color Drop to Fill Areas

Procreate's Color Drop feature allows you to easily fill selected areas with the lasso tool. Here are two ways to make the most of this handy feature:

Adjusting Color Drop Threshold

When using Color Drop to fill areas, you might find that it either spills over into unintended areas or doesn't fill the entire selection. To fix this, adjust the Color Drop Threshold. Simply drag the color from the color picker onto your selection and, without lifting your finger, slide it left or right to change the threshold. This will help you find the perfect balance to fill the selected area without any unwanted overflow.

Drag and Drop Colors

After making a selection with the lasso tool in Procreate, you can quickly change its color by dragging and dropping your desired color from the color picker directly onto the selected area. This technique is great for experimenting with different color schemes and can save you time when working on larger projects with multiple elements to be recolored.

Tip 4: Lasso Tool and Layer Masks

Layer masks in Procreate can play a vital role in non-destructive editing, giving you the freedom to experiment without fear of ruining your work. Combining the lasso tool with layer masks can unlock even more creative possibilities. Let's dive into some techniques:

Creating Layer Masks

After making a selection with the lasso tool, you can create a layer mask by tapping on the "Mask" button in the Layers panel. This will generate a new layer mask that only reveals the selected area, allowing you to work on specific parts of your artwork without affecting the rest. It's a great way to make precise adjustments and maintain a clean, organized workflow.

Editing Layer Masks

With a layer mask applied, you can use the lasso tool to refine your mask's boundaries. You can add to the mask by drawing additional selections, or remove parts by subtracting selections. The lasso tool's flexibility makes it easy to edit your layer mask, ensuring that only the desired elements are visible while the rest remains hidden.

Combining Layer Masks

When you have multiple layer masks in your project, the lasso tool can help you combine them for more complex effects. To do this, make a selection with the lasso tool on one layer mask, then copy and paste it onto another layer mask. This way, you can merge multiple masks into a single one, giving you more control over the final appearance of your artwork.

Tip 5: Lasso Tool Shortcuts

When working with the lasso tool in Procreate, knowing a few handy shortcuts can help you save time and work more efficiently. Here are some useful tips to enhance your lasso tool experience:

Quick Selection Mode

By default, the lasso tool uses a freehand selection method, but you can easily switch to a quick selection mode. To do this, tap and hold the lasso tool icon, then choose "Rectangle" or "Ellipse" from the pop-up menu. This will allow you to create precise, geometric selections quickly, which can be especially useful for selecting large areas or objects with straight edges.

Subtract and Add Selection

When creating selections with the lasso tool, you can add to or subtract from your current selection without losing the existing one. To add to a selection, simply draw a new selection while keeping your finger or stylus on the screen. To subtract, follow the same process, but tap the "Subtract" option in the pop-up menu that appears when you start drawing. This way, you can easily refine your selections and make them more precise.

Deselecting Areas

Sometimes, you might accidentally select an area you didn't mean to. To quickly deselect it, tap anywhere outside the selected area with two fingers. This gesture will clear your current selection, allowing you to start over and make a new one. It's a simple yet effective way to fix mistakes and maintain control over your lasso tool selections in Procreate.

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