6 Practical Ways to Find Film Production Internships
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 8 min read


  1. Network with industry professionals
  2. Use online search engines
  3. Participate in film festivals
  4. Join film clubs and organizations
  5. Apply to film studios directly
  6. Seek guidance from career counselors

Looking to break into the exciting world of film production, but not sure where to start? It's a common question: "how to find film production internships?" Fear not, because we've got the answers! In this blog, we'll discuss six practical steps that will guide you towards landing the film production internship of your dreams! Let's dive in, shall we?

Network with Industry Professionals

First on our list is networking. In the film industry, who you know can be just as important as what you know. Building relationships with industry professionals can open doors to opportunities that you may not find otherwise.

Attend Industry Events

These are places where film professionals gather. Events like film premieres, award ceremonies, and industry parties are perfect for meeting people who could help you find a film production internship. But remember—don't just show up. Be prepared to make a good impression:

  • Do your research: Know who's who in the industry, and have a few conversation starters ready. This could be about a recent film they worked on or a trend in the industry.
  • Dress the part: Look professional, but don't forget to let your personality shine through. You want to be remembered, after all!
  • Bring business cards: If someone shows interest in helping you find an internship, make it easy for them to contact you later.

Volunteer at Film Festivals

Another great way to network is by volunteering at film festivals. This can get you up close and personal with filmmakers, producers, and other industry professionals. Plus, it shows you're serious about getting into film production. Here's how to make the most of it:

  1. Choose the right festival: Look for ones that are known for being industry hubs. These can be local or international.
  2. Be proactive: Don't just do your assigned tasks. Show initiative by asking questions and offering help where you can.
  3. Follow up: If you meet someone who might be able to help with your internship search, don't be shy about getting in touch afterwards.

Use LinkedIn

Last but not least, don't forget about LinkedIn. This professional networking site can be a goldmine for finding film production internships. Here's how:

  • Build a strong profile: Highlight your skills, experience, and passion for film production. And don't forget to include a professional photo!
  • Join industry groups: There are plenty of groups dedicated to film production. Join them, participate in discussions, and keep an eye out for internship opportunities.
  • Connect with industry professionals: Don't be afraid to reach out to people in the industry. A simple message about your interest in film production could lead to an internship offer.

Remember, networking is a marathon, not a sprint. It might take time, but building strong relationships now can lead to great opportunities in the future—including that dream film production internship.

Use Online Search Engines

Moving on to our next strategy: using online search engines. We live in a digital age and the internet has made it incredibly easy to find film production internships with just a few clicks!

Use Job Search Websites

There are a number of job search websites out there that can help you find film production internships. Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Internships.com are a good place to start. Here's how to use them effectively:

  • Use specific search terms: If you're looking for an internship in film production, use keywords like "film production intern", "film intern", etc.
  • Set up job alerts: Most of these websites allow you to set up job alerts for specific searches. This way, whenever a new film production internship is posted, you'll be the first to know!
  • Complete your profile: Don't forget to fill out your profile completely. This can help employers find you!

Use Industry-Specific Websites

General job search websites are great, but don't forget about industry-specific websites. Websites like ProductionHub and Mandy are specifically targeted towards the film industry and can be a treasure trove of film production internships. Here's how to make the most of them:

  1. Create a standout profile: On these websites, you're competing with other film enthusiasts. Make sure your profile stands out by highlighting your unique skills and experiences.
  2. Be proactive: Don't just wait for opportunities to come to you. Reach out to potential employers with a personalized message expressing your interest in their company.
  3. Check regularly: New internships are posted all the time. Make it a habit to check these websites regularly.

Use Google

Last but not least, let's not forget about Google. It's a powerful tool that can help you find film production internships. Here's how:

  • Use advanced search: Google's advanced search allows you to narrow down your search results. This can be particularly helpful when looking for internships in a specific location or within a certain company.
  • Use Google Alerts: Similar to job alerts on job search websites, Google Alerts can notify you when new internships are posted online. Just enter your search terms, like "film production internship", and wait for the opportunities to come to you!
  • Explore company websites: Google can lead you to the career pages of film production companies. Don't forget to check these out as they often list internship opportunities.

Remember, online search engines are a powerful tool in your quest for a film production internship. Use them wisely and they can open up a world of opportunities!

Participate in Film Festivals

When considering how to find film production internships, participating in film festivals often flies under the radar. But they can be a goldmine of opportunities!

Why Film Festivals?

Film festivals are bustling with industry professionals. This makes them the perfect place to network, learn, and land internships. You can even get a peek into the latest industry trends!

Volunteering at Film Festivals

One of the best ways to get involved in film festivals is by volunteering. Here's why:

  • Networking: Volunteering at film festivals puts you in close contact with industry professionals. It's the perfect opportunity to make a good impression and build connections.
  • Experience: Although volunteering isn't an internship, it does provide valuable experience. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how festivals are organized and films are made.
  • Opportunities: If you make a good impression while volunteering, you might just land yourself a film production internship. Many companies are on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers to join their team.

Attending Film Festivals

If volunteering isn't your cup of tea, simply attending film festivals can also be beneficial. Here's how:

  1. Networking: Just like volunteering, attending film festivals is a great way to meet industry professionals. Don't be shy—introduce yourself and express your interest in film production.
  2. Learning: Film festivals screen a wide variety of films. Watching these can provide valuable insight into different film production styles and techniques.
  3. Job booths: Some film festivals have job booths where companies promote their internship opportunities. Be sure to check these out!

So, don't underestimate the power of film festivals. They could be your ticket to finding the perfect film production internship.

Join Film Clubs and Organizations

Figuring out how to find film production internships can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But joining film clubs and organizations can make this task a lot easier!

The Benefit of Film Clubs and Organizations

Ever heard the saying, "It's not what you know, it's who you know?" When it comes to the film industry, this really rings true. Film clubs and organizations are an ideal place to meet like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and potential mentors. In addition to this, they often provide exclusive resources and opportunities for their members.

Finding the Right Club or Organization

As with any club or organization, it's important to find the right fit. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Interests: Look for a club or organization that aligns with your specific interests within film production. This could be anything from special effects to directing.
  • Location: Consider where the club or organization is based. Is it within commuting distance? Do they offer virtual meetings?
  • Opportunities: Does the club or organization offer internships or job placement opportunities? This could be a major advantage in your search for a film production internship.

Making the Most of Your Membership

Once you've found the perfect club or organization, it's time to make the most of your membership. Here's how:

  1. Active Participation: Don't just be a member—be an active member. Attend meetings, participate in events, and contribute to discussions.
  2. Networking: Utilize your membership to build relationships with other members. You never know who might have a lead on a film production internship.
  3. Utilize Resources: Many clubs and organizations offer resources like workshops, seminars, and job boards. Make sure to take advantage of these!

By joining film clubs and organizations, not only will you expand your knowledge and skillset, but you'll also increase your chances of landing a film production internship. It's a win-win!

Apply to Film Studios Directly

Another practical way to find film production internships is to bypass the middlemen and apply to film studios directly.

Why Apply Directly?

Direct applications can sometimes feel like shooting your shot in the dark. But here's why it's worth it: film studios often prefer to hire internally. This means they look to their pool of interns when new positions open up. What better way to get your foot in the door?

How to Approach Direct Applications

Applying directly to film studios might seem daunting, but with the right strategy, it can be relatively straightforward. Here's a simple three-step approach:

  1. Research: Not every studio is the same. Research the studio's history, the type of content they produce, and their company culture to ensure a good fit.
  2. Prepare: A polished resume and tailored cover letter are key. Highlight any relevant experience, skills, and why you're interested in that particular studio.
  3. Apply: Most studios have a 'Careers' section on their website. This is usually where they'll post internship opportunities. If not, don't be afraid to send an unsolicited application. It shows initiative!

Follow-Up is Key

So, you've sent off your application. Now what? Don’t just sit and wait! A well-timed follow-up can make all the difference. After about a week, send a polite email to inquire about your application status. It shows you're proactive and serious about the opportunity.

Applying directly to film studios can be a great way to find film production internships. It might take some courage and persistence, but the pay-off could be landing your dream internship!

Seek Guidance from Career Counselors

Let's not forget about career counselors! They can be a really valuable resource when you're figuring out how to find film production internships. And here's why.

Career Counselors Know the Field

Career counselors are professionals trained to help you navigate your career path. They have a wealth of knowledge about various industries—including film. Moreover, they're great at understanding your unique strengths and interests, which can help identify the perfect internship opportunity for you.

Utilize Career Center Resources

Most schools and universities have a career center. These places are packed with resources, from job boards to resume workshops. Here's how to make the most of them:

  1. Attend Workshops: These workshops can help you craft a stand-out resume or nail your internship interviews.
  2. Use Job Boards: Many career centers have job boards with exclusive postings not available elsewhere. You might find the perfect film production internship right there!
  3. One-on-One Counseling: Take advantage of personal counseling sessions. Here, you can discuss your goals, review your application materials, and get personalized advice.

Networking Opportunities

Career counselors often organize networking events—these can be golden opportunities to connect with industry professionals and maybe even land an internship on the spot! So, don't shy away from these events.

Remember, career counselors are there to help you. So, reach out, ask questions, and make the most of the resources they offer. It might just lead you to the film production internship you've been dreaming of!

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