Artwork Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 9 min read


  1. Fill an empty wall with a large canvas
  2. Create a gallery wall
  3. Use artwork as a headboard
  4. Bring in sculptural elements
  5. Display art on a shelf or mantel
  6. Add a pop of color with abstract art
  7. Incorporate vintage art for a retro look
  8. Use black and white art for a minimalist look
  9. Add personality with pop art
  10. Hang a tapestry or textile art

Revamping your bedroom doesn't always require a new coat of paint or a complete change of furniture. Sometimes, all it takes is a thoughtful piece of bedroom art to breathe new life into your space. From large canvas prints to vintage pieces, the possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming your cozy haven with art. This blog will guide you through some creative ways to incorporate art into your bedroom, making it not just a place to sleep, but a reflection of your personality and style.

Fill an empty wall with a large canvas

One of the simplest yet impactful ways to bring art into your bedroom is by filling an empty wall with a large canvas. This technique is particularly useful if you have a sizable blank wall that seems to be begging for attention. A single, large piece of bedroom art can create a striking focal point, drawing the eye and setting the tone for the rest of the room.

Here's how you can do it:

  • Choose the right art piece: Start with what you love. It could be a serene landscape, a vibrant abstract painting, or a black-and-white photograph that speaks to you. Remember, this piece of art will be the first thing you see every morning, so choose something that brings you joy.
  • Consider the size: The size of the canvas should be in proportion to your wall. Too small, and it might get lost; too big, and it could overwhelm the space. A good rule of thumb is to fill two-thirds to three-fourths of the wall with your artwork.
  • Hang it at the right height: The center of the artwork should be at eye level, which is generally 56 to 60 inches from the floor. But remember, rules are made to be broken—if it feels right to you at a different height, go for it!

By filling an empty wall with a large canvas, you can elevate your bedroom's style and make a bold statement. So next time you're considering a bedroom makeover, think beyond paint colors and furniture styles. Consider the transformative power of bedroom art.

Got a collection of paintings, photographs, or prints? Showcase them all together on a gallery wall. This is a great way to display a variety of bedroom art pieces that share a common theme or color scheme, or simply pieces that you love. Here's how to create your own gallery wall:

  • Collect your art: Gather a variety of art pieces— these can be prints, photos, paintings, or even personal mementos. They don't have to match perfectly; the beauty of a gallery wall lies in its eclectic charm.
  • Plan your layout: Before hammering any nails into the wall, lay out your pieces on the floor. Experiment with different arrangements until you find one that balances color, size, and shape.
  • Start hanging: Start with the largest piece of art in the center or off to one side and work outwards. Be sure to leave an equal amount of space between each frame to keep things looking neat and orderly.

Creating a gallery wall is a fun and creative way to display a collection of bedroom art. It adds a personal touch and infuses the room with your unique style. Plus, gallery walls are easy to update. You can always swap out pieces or add new ones as your art collection grows. So go ahead and create a gallery wall that tells your story.

Use artwork as a headboard

Who says a headboard has to be a piece of furniture? Why not make it a piece of art instead? Using artwork as a headboard is a creative and unconventional way to enhance your bedroom decor. Here's how you can make this bedroom art idea work for you:

  • Choose the right piece: Look for a piece of art that's the right size. It should be as wide as your bed or a little wider. This will create a sense of balance and harmony.
  • Keep it at the right height: Hang the artwork so its mid-point is eye level. This ensures it will catch the eye and make a strong visual impact.
  • Consider the style and content: As this is a piece of art you'll see every day, choose something that brings you joy or calmness. Abstract or landscape art can work particularly well.

Art isn't just for your walls. By using a striking piece of art as a headboard, you can create a bedroom that's truly one-of-a-kind. It's a stylish, innovative way to incorporate bedroom art that speaks to your personal style.

Bring in sculptural elements

Bedroom art doesn't always have to hang on your walls. Adding sculptural elements to your space is another innovative way to introduce art into your bedroom. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Play with different materials: Sculptures can be made from wood, metal, glass, or even fabric. Each material brings a unique texture and feel to your space. Try mixing and matching for an eclectic vibe.
  • Use sculptures as functional elements: Think of a sculptural lamp, a carved wooden stool, or even a ceramic vase. These pieces not only serve a purpose but also add an artistic flair to your room.
  • Choose the right scale: A large sculpture can be a stunning focal point, while smaller pieces can add interest to a bookshelf or bedside table.

Remember, the key to incorporating sculptural elements is to choose pieces that speak to your personal aesthetics. Whether it's a minimalist marble statue or a whimsical wire piece, let your bedroom art showcase your personality.

Display art on a shelf or mantel

When it comes to bedroom art, we often think about wall hangings. But have you ever thought about displaying your favorite pieces on a shelf or mantel? This approach not only adds a personal touch to your space but also allows for flexibility—you can easily swap out pieces based on your mood or the season.

  • Layer pieces: Try leaning a few pieces of art against the wall on a shelf or mantel. Layering pieces of varying sizes and styles creates depth and visual interest.
  • Combine art with books and decor: Place your artwork beside a stack of your favorite books, a beautiful candle, or a plant. This creates a styled, curated look that feels cozy and lived-in.
  • Play with proportions: Pairing a tall piece of art with a shorter object can create balance and harmony on your shelf or mantel.

Remember, the beauty of shelf or mantel art is that it's easy to change. You can switch up your display whenever you like, making it an ideal choice for those who love to update their bedroom art regularly.

Add a pop of color with abstract art

Do you feel like your bedroom lacks a certain "oomph"? Abstract art might just be the solution you've been searching for. With its vibrant colors and unpredictable shapes, abstract art can inject life and energy into any space, making it a great choice for bedroom art.

  • Choose a piece that speaks to you: Abstract art is all about evoking emotion. So don't worry about what others might think. Pick a piece that makes you feel something, whether that's joy, serenity, or even curiosity.
  • Think about color: Abstract art is known for its bold use of color. Use this to your advantage. Choose a piece with colors that match your bedroom's color scheme, or go for a piece that adds a surprising pop of color.
  • Don't be afraid to go big: A large piece of abstract art can be a real statement piece. If you have the wall space, consider going for a larger piece. It can be the focal point of your bedroom, instantly drawing the eye and starting conversations.

Remember, there's no right or wrong when it comes to abstract art. It's all about what you love and what adds that special something to your bedroom.

Incorporate vintage art for a retro look

Yearning for a touch of nostalgia in your bedroom? Vintage artwork can effortlessly transport you to a bygone era. With its charming allure, vintage art can add a layer of sophistication to your bedroom art collection. Let's explore how:

  • Thrift Store Treasures: You don't always need to spend a fortune for authentic vintage art. Local thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets often have hidden gems waiting to be discovered. You might find a rustic landscape painting or an old movie poster that could serve as the perfect retro centerpiece for your bedroom.
  • Consider the Era: Each era has its own unique style. From the intricate details of Victorian art to the bold colors of Pop Art, think about which vintage era resonates with you the most. This will give your bedroom a distinct character and charm.
  • Frame it Right: Vintage art isn't just about the artwork itself. A vintage-style frame can enhance the overall aesthetic and make your piece of art look even more authentic. So, invest in a quality frame that complements your artwork.

Vintage art is like a peek into the past, a delightful dash of history right in your bedroom. So, why not give it a try and see the transformation it brings to your personal space?

Use Black and White Art for a Minimalist Look

Ever noticed how a black and white photo can sometimes say so much more than a color one? It's no different when it comes to bedroom art. Black and white artwork can offer a stylish and minimalist aesthetic. Here's how you can incorporate this into your space:

  • Balance is Key: Black and white art is all about balance. A piece that's too dark can make the room feel heavy, while one that's too light might not stand out. Strive for a balance between light and dark elements in your artwork.
  • Play with Patterns: From stripes to polka dots, patterns in black and white art can add a dynamic and modern feel to your bedroom. Artsy patterns can create a focal point in your room that's both sophisticated and fun.
  • Size Matters: When it comes to making a statement, size matters in art. A large black and white canvas can serve as a dramatic centerpiece. Conversely, a collection of small black and white prints can create an intriguing gallery wall.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a space that's uniquely yours. So, don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and pieces. After all, the best bedroom art is the one that resonates with you the most.

Add Personality with Pop Art

Pop Art is a great way to inject some fun and color into your bedroom. Not only is it bold and vibrant, but it's also a type of bedroom art that truly reflects your personality. Here are some tips on how to add that pop of fun into your space:

  • Icons and Idols: Pop art is known for its depiction of famous personalities and pop culture icons. Whether it's a classic Marilyn Monroe print or a modern superhero poster, choose something that represents your interests.
  • Color is Your Friend: Don't shy away from vibrant colors. Bright yellows, bold reds, and electric blues can make your bedroom art pop—literally. Remember, pop art is all about being daring and playful with your design choices.
  • Think Outside the Frame: Pop art doesn't always have to be a traditional print or canvas. Consider items like neon signs, decorative plates, or even comic book pages to create a unique pop art display.

Pop art is the perfect bedroom art choice for those who want to show off their playful side and add a splash of color to their space. So why not let your personality shine with some pop art?

Hang a Tapestry or Textile Art

Consider dressing up your bedroom walls with tapestry or textile art. This type of bedroom art can add warmth, texture, and a sense of coziness to your space. Here are a few pointers to guide you:

  • Choose the Right Size: When it comes to tapestries, size matters. A large tapestry can serve as a dramatic focal point, while smaller pieces can be used to fill in gaps in your existing decor.
  • Play with Patterns: Tapestry and textile art come in a myriad of patterns, from intricate mandalas to modern geometric designs. Choose a pattern that suits your decor style and color palette.
  • Hang it Right: Tapestries can be hung directly on the wall or displayed in a frame. For a cozy, laid-back vibe, you might even consider draping the tapestry over your bed's headboard.

Remember, the beauty of tapestry and textile art is that it's versatile and tactile. So, whether you're going for a bohemian vibe or a modern minimalist look, this type of bedroom art can add a unique touch to your space.

If you're feeling inspired by these artwork ideas to transform your bedroom, why not take it a step further and learn how to create your own unique pieces? Check out the workshop 'Expressing Your Unique Artistic Vision' by Michael Ryan. This workshop will help you develop your artistic skills and teach you how to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces to bring your bedroom to life.