What does daisie do?

daisie will initially allow our community to create posts with text, images, links, polls and locations; projects with text and image blocks that can be rearranged and collaborated on with others in the community; message other daisie users; follow other users and see a feed of their posts; interact with industry leaders through QTs and explore content from across Film, Art, Music, Photography, Fashion and Literature.

iOS First

daisie is being built for iOS first, as a way of getting to market quickly, securing an exclusive user base and iterating later. Given the time constraints we have, it makes sense for us to build it out on one platform first. As our research and internal analytics have been clearly displaying, the majority of our target market are running iOS devices.

React Native

We decided to build our initial iOS application with React Native. As I'm a JavaScript developer, it made sense as it's a reasonably mature ecosystem with some huge companies backing it and using it in production every day.

It took more adjustment than I thought it would, the main thing coming from browser → native development being that there's no DOM anymore, so all of the usual Browser APIs that you might be used to using are out of the window.

What does this mean for Android and web?

React Native is not a silver bullet to perfect cross platform development, and whilst we have an Android build that is somewhat working, it’s not production ready by any means. It will take a considerable amount of work to port the current iOS build over to android, but we’re working on it! Web is vital to the growth of our community and ensures accessibility by anyone regardless of device platform - we’re working on that too.

By invitation only

In order to support the sustainable growth of our community, we’re launching daisie by invitation only. On August 1st, you’ll be able to download the app and sign up for an invitation code - you’ll sit in a queue until you get an email through with your code.