Charlotte Brockman, also known as CHAR, is a singer-songwriter who combines warm R&B tones with contemporary pop influences to narrate her life and personal experiences in her music.

Last year, CHAR was at the helm of a number of Daisie collaborations that created promotional materials for her debut single, Control. She worked with a number of creators to designs promotional posters, a track teaser and a lyric video.

In 2020 she returned to Daisie for her next venture: a music video for her next single, Same Again. CHAR used Daisie to find a full-female team to create it. We caught up with CHAR as she releases her next song and find out more about the process.

Let's start with introducing yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

I am Charlotte Brockman (@char), a singer and songwriter from Maidenhead, but am now based in London. I graduated from Liverpool University in 2016 and am a Co-Founder of Mad Millennials, a non-profit mental health organisation.

How did you come up with the idea for the music video/what was the inspiration behind it?

'Same Again’ looks introspectively at the cyclic repetitive behaviour we often find ourselves trapped in, not considering the effects of doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result – whether it’s going back to that one person time and time again, or repeating the same night out over and over again. The idea of the video was to illustrate this repetitive behaviour; reproducing the same pattern over and over without being able to break the circle. In the video, we follow CHAR getting ready for a night out in an abstract room within an industrial space. The cold atmosphere of the warehouse contrast with the warmth of the 'room' as a symbol for the harshness of the outside world. We shot the video at FHive studio in Hackney, London which one of their studio had the industrial look we were looking for as well as having an infinity box. This allow us to create multiple spaces without changing location.

How did you find your female team?

When I started planning my first music video, I had the idea of bringing together a female-led creative team. I wanted to show women that they are seen and heard in an industry which for many years has been male dominated. As a female artist myself it was also a way of me connecting and feeling that within my team. I utilised the creative app that I am 1 of the Daisie100’s for and connected with two female creatives: Jade, a French, London-based art director, and Allie, the cinematographer.

We built the team from there, reaching out to other women who also had skills they wanted to bring in. There are so many talented people out there who need the opportunity to work on a project and share their skills so this was a way we could all do that. So grateful for every single person who was part of this! This music video will always mean so much to me as it was my first one, I felt so empowered and encouraged to go for it!

What are the next steps for the project?

The next steps for this project are creating awareness for our video 'Same Again' and the track. Both were recently released on Friday 20th March! The track will be on all streaming sites and the video on Youtube.

How has Daisie helped you with this?

Daisie has been crucial in helping me bring together a female led team. I feel so lucky to be on this platform and to have connected with such talented creatives. I would really encourage others looking to work on their projects to do the same. It's such a nice community where there is a real sense of creatives wanting to grow in their own field but also trade and share skill sets.

Listen to 'Same Again' here.