Chump 101 is a hand-bound 'traveling art book' designed to be passed on. Filled to the brim with the work of photographers, writers, poets, illustrators, graphic designers, and visual artists, the publication hopes to give new works of art a chance to live on beyond the internet.

The project is the brainchild of Canadian creatives Bryce Charlie and Ryan Thomas. The duo will also be joining us on this week's Question Time. Ask them anything, from making a successful Daisie project, to the process of printing a book here.

We caught up with Bryce to chat with him about the birth of Chump 101 and any advice he has for creators looking to do the same.

Chump 101 travelling are book front page

Let's start with introducing yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Where to start! Well, my name is Bryce Charlie. I work as a community manager at The Image Salon, a photography and post-production studio based out of Montréal. My focus in that role is to bring photographers together and provide them with the resources they need to develop their craft and business.

I'm currently living in Montréal, Quebec. Ryan, the other the fine chap behind this project, is based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

What was the inspiration behind CHUMP 101?

The inspiration was a lack of inspiration. Ryan and I had hit a wall. We were burned out on the creative racket. Tired of trying to hustle our way into some sort of fame, as if being known for our work would bring us happiness. We were fed up with the endlessly scrolling blue screen of comparison. We had enough with allowing our self-worth, how we felt about our art, to be dictated by how many button-click-likes something got. We had worked ourselves into a deep rut. We were feeling digitally isolated. We needed to break free.

The resulting idea from this frustration was to create an art book; to bring together a bunch of kick-butt artists and showcase their work in a beautiful and gritty hand-bound book. Only one copy has been made. Only one copy will be made. Our hope is that the book will end up traveling the world being passed from one person to the next.

Have you had any meetings outside of Daisie?

No. Not yet. But if anybody is in Montréal or Edmonton let us know. We'll make you soup and show you around. I just want to add though, that we have met a whole lot of incredible artists through our project and Daisie. That's been my favorite part of the CHUMP 101 book.

What are the next steps for the project?

Ryan is currently touring the book around Edmonton, then he's going to send it off to me. I'll show it around Montréal for a bit before packaging it up and sending it out to somebody. If anybody is interested in taking on the responsibility of receiving the book, drop us a line at

Also, promoting the project. We've been so wrapped up in the hard work of creating the book, I really want to get some hype for it; bring as much attention to the artists involved as possible. If you rock a blog or podcast please reach out :)

Is this something you're looking at doing again in the future?

Yes. So, this was a lot of work to pull off. We thought it was going to be a one and done kinda thing. But Ryan got this bizarre idea to paint a giant canvas and then chop it down into covers for the book. That's a long way of saying, we're going to do 8 more issues - we'll need artists, good humans to collaborate with. We're open to any medium that can present in an art book.

How has Daisie helped you with this project?

Daisie has been a super connecting tool for us. It has allowed us to create art with people we would have otherwise never met.

Do you have any advice for any creatives out there looking to do the same?

Step one: Tell self-doubt to kick rocks. You have work that deserves to be made. You have the power to have an impact. Just go and create. As for how to use Daisie specifically - Daisie is like any other community. You get out what you put in. Take the time to connect, lend your 2-cents to the discussions, champion the projects you believe in, reach out to collaborate. As early users to this platform, we get to help shape what it is going to be. If you need any other more advice hit us up on Instagram @chump.mag

If you have any questions for Bryce and Ryan, head to their Question Time here.

CHUMP 101 Collaborators:

Olivia O' Hara

Birgit Burchart

Süsan Spark

Joana Rodrigues

Beth Maciorowski

Loli Laboureau

Kayleigh Valentine

Daren Zomerman


Jane Lay

Ryan Thomas

Bryce Charlie

Molly Gardner


Phoebe Conrey

Rick Leach