Today we launched daisie chain. It's an opportunity for you to skip the growing waiting list, and be fast-tracked straight onto daisie. We're looking for people to submit work in the industries Film, Fashion, Music, Photography, Literature & Art. Everyone that submits will jump 100 places in the queue. If you make it into our shortlist of 1000 creators, you’ll be bumped 500 places. If you make it into our final 300, you’ll be invited directly.

It's been important for us from the start to ensure that the people using daisie are the ones that will benefit most from it. To create a community of users who can help one another and who will retain a positive and inspirational mindset whilst navigating the app alongside their wider careers, at times offering advise, at times receiving it.

daisie is only available on iOS, so for the creators that use Android, please still submit your work; you'll be invited to beta test our android app when it becomes available.

This is for the creators, the people with a passion for sharing, making and collaborating. If you have a drive to create, a need to create, stand up and show yourself. We're looking for you.

Submit via We'll look at each and every entry.

Entry is open for 7 days. It closes at 12:00AM BST on Saturday August 11th. We'll let you know by Sunday 12th if your entry has been successful.

We can’t wait to see what you create, and to invite you onto daisie.

Picture by @ davihammer on daisie 🌼