Thank you so much for taking part in a process that we are very aware was daunting and challenging! Your work has shown us the incredible community we have, a community as creative as it is talented. We are so proud and excited to bring this platform to all of you amazing people and to provide a single destination for you to collaborate, develop and share work. daisie chain is one of the many experiments that we’ve rolled out, to help us in our quest to build a platform designed for community-first tooling.

It’s hugely important that you take your creative mindset into daisie. Share your work and reach out to other creators, collaborate on projects and learn from one another. We have an amazing opportunity to create the first platform entirely built on ideas, and driven by a collective. There are so many opportunities we cannot wait to bring you. It’s vital you maintain your willingness to participate, your enthusiasm and your belief in collaboration.

The core of daisie is in the hands of the people that use it, the content that’s being uploaded, connections made, the feedback given, experience shared, work created - Our community is fundamental to the future of the app, as well as the present. We want you to find and discover one another, build your contact pools and start to form communities and friendships.

daisie is designed to be a friendly and welcoming place, but it does have a slight learning curve, and possesses new features, atypical to existing social platforms. We’d therefore appreciate if you could be caring, friendly and vigilant as new members find their feet. Our team will help with this, but it’s going to become harder as we grow. Reminding individuals to tag posts into relevant industries and to upload specifically creative content will go an especially long way!

For those of you that didn't get chosen for daisie chain, know that you will have leap frogged 500 places & therefore are that much closer to being a part of daisie. We're letting people in slowly, to ensure that the community inside is friendly and one to be proud to be a part of. Please be patient & we'll let you know as soon as we're ready for you. We're so happy to finally have creators be a part of the platform that we've spent so long working on behind closed doors.