Some of history’s best innovations have emerged from multiple creative disciplines meeting for a common goal. That’s why we started the Daisie Connect Challenge.

Hundreds of creators got involved in the challenge and the standard of work and variety of projects was amazing! After looking through each submission, we selected the winning project: “At Dawn”.

Outubro. is a husband and wife team.  Coming from design backgrounds, they pitched their idea on Daisie and got two videographers on board to produce the film, one from London and the other from Rome. We caught up with them to find out more about how them and where the project is heading…

Tell us about yourselves!

Outubro. is a creative duo comprised of husband and wife, Pedro Sena and Anastasia Mariani, based in Milan.

Our projects frequently involve the development, or unfolding, of recurrent themes such as feelings of anachronistic misplacement and other reactions to the contemporary world. We have a particular style and we try to explore aesthetic solutions to the widespread uneasiness we perceive around us. Our favourite media (maybe paradoxically) are commercial ones, as a way to embed our ideas into an everyday visual experience - such as branding and fashion films or editorials. We think that's very powerful.

Can you tell us a bit about your project?

The project we submitted to the Daisie Connect Challenge is a short fashion-oriented film drawing from a sense of impending darkness and struggle: the process of facing fears, taming inner demons and looking into one's soul.

Our goal within Outubro. is to create some sort of sublimation of all that using apparently superficial formats, such as fashion, to offer a visual philosophy and a serene outlook on our times - what Alain de Botton would describe as "Cheerful Despair".

What collaborators have joined the team already and which collaborators are you still looking for to complete the project?

We are both stylists and designers and we have directed some short films before. So we have that area covered. We were also very lucky to have found dedicated and interested videographers on Daisie to collaborate with us: Kiara and Lily. We are still on the lookout for make-up artists and models that would like to take part in this project. Anyone interested in production would be very welcome as well.

What are the next steps for the project?

Since the conceptual foundations of the project are already very solid, we are now dedicated to the logistics and production: we are getting in touch with suppliers and showrooms to secure everything we need for the project. We’re also making sure the location and it’s staff (which is a big part of the film, since it's a specific venue located on a horse farm) will be available and ready for us.

Do you have any advice for other people looking to do the same kind of work?

We believe we are living in unique times. Everything is really up for grabs. This is a great opportunity for people who have been overlooked before - or who are just bringing something new to the table - to be noticed and contribute to this new paradigm that is unfolding everywhere. Just do your thing and be brave and vulnerable enough to put it out there. Talk to people. Make real-life contacts. We are very hopeful for the future of design and fashion, one that doesn't rely on the status quo or mainstream hype-ness. We envision more sincere and authentic times in this new dawn.