Each Weekend we offer 'The Daisie Weekend Challenge' as an opportunity for Daisie creators to practice their craft in response to a prompt.

Last weekend, we set you all the challenge of celebrating global diversity and community - in homage to our lovely diverse and inclusive family we have on Daisie. This could have been through photography, illustration, music, or anything creative to be in for a chance at being featured in our Daisie Newsletter!

You all submitted wonderful pieces but unfortunately, there could only be three winners.

Here are our favourite entries!

WHITEWASH @jmeslau

Even if they bother to paint us, got me anxious.

Brush strokes put us down for the count, only time we on the canvas.

They portray our poor traits,

Mass distorted portraits.

Otherwise erased,

Locked away and replaced with an alternative deemed 'safe'.

On the white man's easel,

Monochromatic palette with no colour for people.


- James Lau



Congratulations to James, Nabeela and Fanny! Be sure to check out their other projects.

Celebrating diversity is always important. It reminds us we're all human and equal so even if your work wasn't picked you should still be happy for expressing your love for your community around you on Daisie!

We hope to see you in our next weekend challenge!