We're incredibly excited to finally be able to invite you to sign up for early-access. We'll soon be rolling out invite codes to enable people to be the first on daisie. Here are all the details.

Over the last 8 months the daisie team has been working tirelessly to put together a product that solves a real and very distinctive problem; access into the creative industries. We're now ready to start inviting people to try the product, alongside the small creative groups that have already played a huge part in the journey up to now. The feedback from everyone so far has been invaluable & we will continue to need your help. We're anticipating a slight demand, and will be inviting people to test in waves, so head here to sign up.

Calling all creatives!

Once you've signed up to the waiting list, we will be in touch. Your role could be anything from helping us with feature testing, taking part in surveys or even coming in to the office to test the product. To be eligible you need to live in the South of England & be at least 18 years old. You'll also need to own an iPhone.

Over the next 5 months, we're going to be launching a number of opportunities to speed up the selection process. This could be as simple as sharing daisie on your socials, or even submitting work for us to take a look at. Keep an eye on our blog to be the first to find out how you can improve your standing in the waiting list.

How can I find out more?

We'll be in touch with all of the information you'll need shortly. You'll be the first to know about news, releases, events etc. Alongside this testing period, we're working hard to get the daisie beta ready for public release - Right now, we're focusing on a summer deadline.

Why only iOS?

We had to prioritise a single operating system for now as we're such a small team. For us, Apple and iOS pave the way for creators. We will be looking to build a Android app and Web platform as soon as possible after we launch our beta in August.

What should I expect if I get on daisie?

You'll be one of the first on our platform, so expect bugs, issues, spinning loading screens etc. It'll be missing features & elements. It's important for us to build something that works, that is effective, and that makes a difference to peoples lives. To achieve that, we're committed to launching early prototypes to understand if specific features work and how creators react. It's important for us to continue to return to our mission, we're building a product that should inspire collaboration and conversation to diverse audiences, this means showing daisie to an excited, large audience. This will enable us to iterate, develop and improve, shaping daisie into a platform that is beneficial for the entire creative world. If we've got to trip over a few bugs to get there, fetch me a net!

We'll develop the product and eventually establish a daisie that our community is proud to be a part of. You'll certainly experience issues, but we'll race to fix them & will ensure that they don't effect your usage again. We'll be releasing regular updates, fixes & changes, so please make sure that you're actively playing a part in the community. Right now, there's no Question Time, Explore or Search; but you can expect them all to appear very soon! We will be listening very closely to your feedback and suggestions, so you will really play an integral part in our product development - We're built by creators for creators, so come and join the family.

I’d like to invite you to contact us at any time with ideas and questions. You can reach us on Twitter (@daisie), Instagram (@daisieapp) or email me personally (dom@daisie.com). Please get in touch (hello@daisie.com) if you'd be interested in demoing the app in person, but remember, we're Brighton based in a very small office, so we can't invite everyone!

This is your opportunity to help shape the future of creative collaboration and play a significant part in our story. Let's Play!

Picture by @ kllarts on Instagram.