We're back again with a little update on our London Creates campaign. Today we'll be focussing on two of the teams: Rosie and Liam. We're super excited to share the progress they've made since April.

If you missed it, London Creates was an opportunity we launched back in April, with the purpose of bringing rising creators together with people already established in their field. The brief centred around one of the following industries: film, music, fashion, photography, or art/design. We opened up submissions to the Daisie community and through this, we curated four teams and invited them to create a project together.


Based between London and Brighton, UK; Rosie Matheson is a documentary-style photographer. Examining the emotional connection between people and places, Rosie searches for the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary, exploring her fascination with photographing somebody else’s world.


The vision: A photo series related to male hairstyles. A hair cut is a habit, a form of tradition. One of the few beauty trends that men follow. "Hair is a form of cultural shorthand." Styles are a representation of the times.

The end goal: An exhibition of this exploration into the experience of male barbershops. This project will document a moment in history, looking at youth culture and particularly how young men present themselves today.


Bella Arghiros (@bellaarghiros)

Pierfrancesco Mari (@pierframes)

Ondřej Řičica (@ondrejricica)

Christopher Hutton (@hairytoes08)

Poppy Young (@youngpoppy_)

Glauco Canalis (@glauco)

Olivia Foley (@oliviafoley)

Charles Stanley (@cmstanley)

Rosie's team has produced a wonderfully informative Daisie project of their process so far. They have arranged many meetings to discuss which talent to include, what is expected of each individual collaborator and where certain shoots should take place.

Rosie recently took a trip to LA to begin shooting some of the talent that had been decided collectively. The London shoots are set to take place sometime in September once talent has been lined up. Rosie and her team have a natural flow together, each individual eager to produce amazing work. Their collective passion for the project makes for a smooth production without any hurdles.

Check out Rosie's project


Liam Hodges is a fashion designer with an interest in ‘expressive, polysyllabic masculinity.’ He is the brain behind the menswear brand: Liam Hodges. A luxury brand for the alternatives who forsake conformity every day not just at the weekend. Signature Liam Hodges pieces consist of wide silhouettes, patchworking, workwear and sportswear; with influences drawn from modern male subcultures, English paganism, Hip-Hop skatewear, UK streetwear and Post-Punk.


The vision: Creating a digital space / digital portal retail experience for his AW19 collection.

The end goal: Build the existing collection in a digital form in a virtual space that reflects the themes of the AW19 'Mutations in the 4th Dimension'.


Lee Delves (@ldelves)

Charlie Soffe (@charliesoffe666)

Naomi Ray (@studiopixie)

Oscar Barany (@ozbox)

Liam's team have been nothing but productive from the beginning. He and his team have been eager to get started on their project - meeting regularly to discuss design, development and the overall end product they wish to achieve. Much like Rosie, his team has also provided us with a beautiful Daisie project to help us all follow their progress. They have already created animations, graphics and more to accompany Liam's AW19 collection. They are well on their way to the final product.

Check out Liam's project

London Creates has been a great opportunity for our Daisie community. You all have so much talent to offer creative industries. Our main mission is to make work in these industries more accessible to our budding Daisie creators. London Creates bridged the gap between undiscovered talent and creative careers. We hope to be able to provide more of these opportunities to our growing community. We'll be back for another update with the other two teams soon!

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