We're moving! Again!

So we said goodbye to 'The Home' and hello to 'The Barn' just a few months ago, but with the daisie launch behind us and our team expansion very much underway, we've already outgrown our Brighton base. This time the move is a little bit further afoot as we're changing cities, from Brighton→London and from 'The Barn' into 'The Spaceship'!

Our decision making behind the London switch is mainly due to the incredible access to individuals who we know will have a hugely positive impact in shaping daisie as it progresses from a standalone iOS beta, into a fully fledged product, available on Web, iOS and Android. London has a much larger creative pool than Brighton; it's where some of the biggest UK based VCs work from, as well as providing a home to some of the most recognisable platforms in the world, with Facebook, Twitter and Google all having bases here. We're growing from a team of 6 to 16 in a relatively short space of time and London will catalyse that progression.

Once we decided to make the leap into London, the specifics of the move needed to be outlined - We wanted a base that gave us the ability to grow as a team, had lots of natural light and wasn't a shared space, for us it was important to have an element of privacy. We found a perfect office in Shoreditch, which happens to be home to a bunch of startups, Deliveroo, Monzo, and gocardless have all had offices here. In order to establish the right culture for the team going forward, and to guarantee we would be surrounded by a diverse makeup of different restaurants… There was only one location.

Once we made the move, we asked our friends over at Patch to help us turn The Spaceship into a tropical paradise. It's likely that in time you'll come to learn each and every plants name that can be found within our space, but for now, just know that they're doing great and loving their new home. (As we too, love them).

As aforementioned in our careers blog post, we're hiring! It's important to us to build a diverse team, full of people passionate about the future of creative collaboration. As a key member of a small, fast-moving company, you will have a lot of autonomy, creativity and impact, getting involved at all levels of the product lifecycle. It's likely that you'll wear a lot of hats and be given a lot of freedom - it's your opportunity to put a real stamp on a platform that has the opportunity to make a giant splash on the industry, with some of the best big picture investors and industry decision makers alongside, to help make it happen.

Available positions:

1x Front End Developer, 1x Back End Developer, 1x iOS Developer, 1x Android Developer, 1x Community Manager

Please reach out here, if you're interested. We'd love to hear from you!