What do you do at daisie?

I just recently joined Daisie as a senior product designer. We are still a small team so in practice it means quite a lot of things. Design is a combination of content, research and actual design so I'll focus my time on creating a balance between these three components.

Most of my time for now is dedicated to defining our ideas for our upcoming platform while getting to know the different industries we will be working with.

How does this job differ from jobs you've had in the past?

I have had many types of jobs, from leading a design studio, working as a freelance or being part of a big corporation. I have found that I always come to a combination of the team and the problem we are trying to solve.

At Daisie, I just feel like home. The product is something I wanted to build for a long time and I couldn't dream for a better team to do it with.

What have you learnt at daisie so far?

I used to lead a design studio in London, distributing my responsibilities between being the CEO as well as leading the creative direction. At Daisie I have the opportunity to focus on leading the design's vision, knowing that all the rest of the business is in very good hands.

Daisie is a community of diverse creative people from different industries. Our event at the Ace Hotel was a chance for me to meet and understand these different personalities and how they collaborate. I learned a lot from that event.

What excites you about daisie? Why did you join?

Daisie is an opportunity for me to do what I love while extending my knowledge on how people create together. The product in itself is exciting but having the chance to see how people will use Daisie and iterate from there will be an incredible journey.

3 words to describe daisie?

Plants, Boards and interesting screensavers.

What are your favourite apps design-wise?

Absolute fan of Notion. Trying to fit so many details in a very elegant manner makes it my favourite app of this year.

Universe, the website creator for mobile is a killer too. The simplicity and elegance of all the tricks, animations and sound effects is astonishing.

Things To Do App would be my third one. Pretty expensive app but every part is done with care.