What do you do at daisie?

I look after our engineering team, making sure we're building the right things, in the right way and with the right tools.

What does a typical day look like?

It's usually a mixture of product, engineering, 1:1s and hiring.

We start each day with a stand-up, where we check in on our engineering progress and I can see if there's any blockers I can clear for the team. I also try and catch up with the rest of the daisie team for 1:1s regularly, spend a good chunk of time on defining and refining our product vision, and looking for amazing engineers to join our growing team (we're hiring!)

Why did you get into the tech world?

I've always enjoyed software engineering, and I love being able to work on ambitious and challenging projects.  My first engineering role was writing medical software at the tender age of 16, and I've been hooked ever since!

What have you learnt that you're bringing to daisie?

I've been lucky enough to work in a number of great organisations both large and small, and hopefully I'm able to bring some of the lessons of learned around creating and growing engineering teams, while providing the best environment for those teams to build amazing products.

How does your team run?

Like many engineering teams, we work on fortnightly iterations called sprints, after which we retrospect on what went well, and what we can improve, before planning for the next two weeks.  We have a fantastic group group of engineers across frontend, backend and mobile and we're just starting out on the journey to build the next version of the daisie collaboration platform, which is an awesome challenge.

What's coming up that you're most excited about?

So much of the next version of the daisie platform is incredibly exciting, from the way we'll be enabling people to collaborate on projects, to the tools that we're building to help aspiring creators produce their best work.  Look out for great things coming in 2019!

It's week 3, what have you learnt so far being at daisie?

I've learned that daisie has founders, Dom and Maisie, with a great vision for how they want to shake up the creative world, and they've put together a team doing great work to get there.  I've also learned that Dom has a weird taste in t-shirts 👕, Dom(inique) can't live without sausage sandwiches 🌭 and the whole office falls apart when we run out of coffee! ☕️

Personal goal for the next year.

Launch the next version of daisie, and build it into the platform of choice for aspiring creators everywhere!