How did you get into daisie?

I’ve known Dom for about 8 years now, back when I began secondary school he was my “guardian angel” or in other words a buddy. I guess that connection has and will always remain. This summer I was thinking about places I could work to earn money to go to Art Educational School (drama school) where I was meant to start this September. I simple asked if the team needed an extra pair of hands with launch approaching so quickly and the answer was yes!

What are you working on this week?

This week is pretty hectic. We have our first event this Saturday celebrating our “daisie 100”, our first users on the app. So we are busy planning and prepping for that, which we're all looking forward to. Following the weekend, we are filming our first ever Question Time with Maisie. So again lots of pre-planning to ensure the shoot goes as smoothly as possible. Alongside that we are also reaching out to brands to sponsor our launch party that will be on the 3rd of August. All in all we have lots of exciting things going on, I can't really call it work.

What are your personal goals for the next 6 months?

Well I’ve had quite a sudden change of plans. I’ve decided to stay on at daisie which involves me moving to London! I want to spend this year expanding as an individual, I want to try refine my existing skills as well as trying new things and meeting new people! I also want to learn how to backflip and go skydiving.

What are you proud of achieving at daisie?

As my "initiation" into the marketing team of dreams (with @reuben) I had to complete Operation finesse. I had to get a product, venue or sponsor incurring 0 casualties (expenses). I can happily and "proudly" say I was successful in my initiation, receiving a free photo booth for our launch party.

How does the team around you run?

daisie is such a wonderful place to work. The team is a dream and everyone is so invested in what we're trying to create. I love working with Reuben, he constantly inspires me and pushes me. He has so much knowledge and creativity and is never afraid to share it. Dom and Maisie are possibly the best bosses anyone could ask for, the office is a relaxed space that makes you want to work hard but on your own account. Tim makes me laugh, he has a lot on his plate. I admire his sense of humour even at times when he is under immense pressure. We all want the best for the app and each other. We're like a little family, you can find us out for dinner, at the beach or painting in the garden after work.

What do you do for fun?

I love moving. Any kind: dancing, running, yoga, partying.

Performing is a passion of mine, you will often find me singing or dancing if i'm not at work.

My friends are my world, they're the best!

Tell us a random fact, that not many people except you know.

I play golf! My handicap is 13:)