What was your inspiration behind daisie?

I worked in film for 2 years - My first job was shooting the EPK (behind the scenes) of a film called Mum's List. I'd always wanted to be a part of the film industry, it was a job that enabled me to explore the touching point between creativity and business. Something I noticed, however, was that in those 2 years of working on various films, I worked with a number of the same individuals on multiple occasions. There were plenty of jobs & roles, but they were going to the same group of people again and again - opportunities weren't being offered to young, emerging creators, or, in the rare occasion they were, the available jobs were unpaid, or expenses only. Realising this problem -alongside speaking to a number of people who I knew weren't able to break into the industry in the same way that I had- inspired the concept of daisie.

What are your interests outside of daisie?

I work on daisie for 90% of the time, but in that precious last 10% I try to watch as many films as I can and spend as much time as possible with my amazing friends. I'm also a big collector of old band/film t-shirts, so I go to a bunch of vintage stores & thrift shops. Alongside that, I have a film production company & shoot some of my own stuff.

What's it like working with Maisie?

Maisie is an amazing co-founder. She helps me with a lot of my decision making and has a very different approach to work, and life in general; which means that our product visions come from two quite different backgrounds. That's a key factor in getting daisie to where it is today; diversity. Maisie is a constant inspiration, her work ethic is unparalleled. There aren't many other 21 year olds who are attempting to build a social media platform alongside starring in the biggest TV show of all time.

What have you found most challenging about building a company?

The lack of sleep. If I'm not working, my brain is constantly whirring away thinking about issues, or even potential issues. I'm constantly scrutinising the product, anxiously looking for something or picking apart features that don't quite sit right.

What gets you excited about daisie?

That we're building a platform from the heard of a community, rather than building a product to create a community. It's also really exciting to build a product that could genuinely be a positive driving force in changing an entire industry.

What are you looking forward to in the next 6 months?

Launch & building out the daisie team.