**What do you do at daisie? **

Aside from cofounding the company, I help with marketing and building brand awareness.

**How did you meet Dom? **

I met Dom 2 years ago while I was shooting a movie called iBoy and I've been trying to get away from him ever since.

**What's your working relationship like with Dom and the rest of the team? **

Very friendly. A lot of our big decisions are made over FaceTime or text. I travel a lot with my other jobs which has forced Dom to have a lot of patience when it comes to calling the shots. I get on really well with the rest of the team - since coming back from my play at Hampstead Theatre I've been getting to know the marketing team better and I'm very excited for our projects that are coming up.

Why did you create daisie?

I believe the key to success in the creative world is collaboration. I want to put the power back into the hands of up and coming artists to enable them to pave a path for themselves at the beginning of their careers.

How is the tech industry different to the film industry?

They're relatively similar. Lots of people trying to change the world. Whether that's through a story or with an app, the passion is the same.

What have been the main challenges you've faced when building daisie?

The main challenge I face is finding time, there's never enough of it. Finding balance is really important. Now Game of Thrones has come to an end, for the first time since I started acting I am free from any contractual obligations which means daisie can, finally, be my priority.

What is something that you would have prepared yourself more for in hindsight?

I wish I knew keyboard shortcuts. How does anyone even learn them? Where do they come from?

What's your favourite app outside of daisie?

I use Pinterest for nearly everything. Deciding what colour to dye your hair? Pin it. Want some vegan brownies? Pin it.

What's the most exciting feature of daisie?

Inviting collaborators to projects is exciting. I'm always sending instagram message after WhatsApp message explaining what I'm trying to create and why I want a certain person to be involved. Repeating myself again and again, adding links and pictures for context. It's exhausting. Being able to invite someone to a project that I've been creating for months and have them know then and there whether or not they want to be involved would make my job so much easier.

If you had to give one sentence of advise to the person reading this, what would it be?

In a time when anyone can be famous, be talented instead.