Why daisie?

The opportunity to work with friends and likeminded people. I've worked with Dom (our CEO) on various projects since we were 15 so there's a deep understanding between us of our values and work processes, thus creating a drive towards a common cause. I love that at daisie I can be creative and develop new, exciting strategies that inspire people to create. There's a real focus on community, which gives a feeling of being a part of something special.

What interests you about creators?

Everyone is unique, with their own story. Through creativity people have an outlet to express themselves in a way that is personal to them. People often say that they aren't 'creative' and some might even be intimidated by the pressures there are to appear 'artsy', especially with the rise of social media, but everyone has their own perspective in life and that in itself is a creative experience. It's up to the individual to direct their experience into a new medium, may that be through poetry, painting, or photography; it's a process of transference, taking an idea and bringing it to life. Creators are open minded and have the potential to be the architects of a more harmonious future.

What's your experience in creative industries?

I've freelanced as a photographer, creative director, and casting director as well as having roles as a fashion project management, film producer and model scout. I've worked on projects for Wonderland, i-D, Rollacoaster, Nike, PAUSE, Man About Town, Metal Magazine, Attitude and many more. I also run a London based collective where I curate events and exhibitions. Having been in the industry myself, I understand the wants and needs amongst artists, which consistently provides me with a basis upon which to make decisions and ensure that I can approach every situation with a creator-first mindset.

What are your hopes for daisie?

For us to become the hub for creative collaboration and facilitate new opportunities for creators across the globe no matter their background or circumstances.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Brainstorming, coming up with new marketing ideas, meetings, conversing with potential collaborators. Drafting press releases and communicating with journalists. Strategising our social media plan and producing content for it.

What excites you about daisie?

Making change. Inspiring the next generation. Working with creative people to build a product for creative people.

What is your favourite feature about daisie?

Working with collaborators on projects.

How do you hope to attract people to daisie?

Through creating a community of like minded people. This will be through organising events, talks, exhibitions in the hope to provide a platform for people to learn and connect. Alongside this, we'll collaborate with brands and organisations that hold the same values we have at daisie so that we can speak to a wider audience. We will also be creating exclusive content for the app with high profile, industry leaders that will take form as Question Times; this will provide the opportunity for users to learn and interact with the people they look up to most.

Outside of daisie, what are your personal motivations and goals?

To be the best I can be.

To have a positive impact on the world.

To run a sub 3 hour marathon.

To never stop learning and growing.

If you had to predict the creative landscape in 5 years time, what would it look like?

Even more fluidity across industries.