I'm responsible for the design and build of our iOS app.

Why coding?

There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to create something out of nothing, and have it immediately accessible for the entire world to see and use. It’s at times challenging, but encourages me to keep learning and stay on top of industry practices.

How did you get started with coding?

Enchanted by computers and technology from an early age, I was obsessed with taking things apart and seeing how they work. I started making websites and learning to code because I wanted to create fan pages for my favourite artists. I seem to remember one of the earliest ones I built was a Kurt Cobain memorial page. I was a strange child. It led on from there, working for various agencies and software companies along the way.

What excites you about the tech industry? Why be part of a startup rather than a larger, more established company?

The tech industry is so exciting because we have the opportunities to change systems and industries that have sat still for aeons. I’m granted a great deal of autonomy and I have a serious impact not only over the direction of our technology, but the direction of daisie as a whole all the way from product to office moves! It’s frictionless, there’s no bureaucracy and we move at lightning speed.

History with Dom

Dom and I went to the same secondary school, and whilst we were always somewhat friendly, the business relationship began when he posted a Facebook status asking if he knew any web designers when we were about 16 years old. Of course I jumped at the chance to win some work, and from there Dom and I ran a couple of clothing lines together, and even tried to start a design and web agency at one point! Fast forward 6 years, and he’s approaching me to work for daisie as the first engineer.

What do you do in your spare time? What interests you?

I code, listen to music, spend far too much time on Twitter and far too much money on food, travelling/holidays and the pub.

Why daisie?

daisie sits in an extremely unique position, it has huge industry backing and is aiming to address lots of issues that the creative world has been facing for decades. It's really exciting being able to build a product that's going to be used by so many people and have a positive impact on their lives.

What are your hopes with daisie?

I hope working at daisie is going to allow me to learn huge amounts about building large-scale web applications and the highs and lows of scaling a startup.

What are your hopes with social platforms going forward?

I'd like to see social networking platforms move away from being the slightly dystopian ad-riddled hellscapes that they are now, back to being a real platform for the organisation of people, where the impact on human existence is a net positive, rather than the current status quo, which I think is pretty negative.