Last week, we released a big update to projects, giving you more control over how you work.  Here's a deep dive:

Projects are now split into two main workspaces:

Public 🌎

In the public space, everything you share is accessible to other creators on Daisie. It's how people discover your project and learn more about what you're working on.

When you first start a project, this is the first screen you'll see.

and Private 🔒

In the private workspace, you'll find a host of tools, built from the ground-up for creators, so you can collaborate with your team and get work done.

👉Now, instead of working across various products & switching focus, you can collaborate with your team in one, synchronous workspace -  for free!

Regardless of whether you're just getting started and looking for collaborators or if you're in the thick of production, you can use Daisie to improve how you work.

Have any questions or feedback for us? Hit us up at