Daisie was created with the purpose of bringing creatives together and supporting them to do amazing work, so we're always excited to see projects fulfil that mission.

A little while ago, we came across Jan, Paulin and Georgia, who met on Daisie and went on to create a single that they've recently released on Spotify. They are now looking for collaborators to help them film a music video for the track. We contacted them to learn more about their journey on Daisie and to see what's next for them.

"Daisie has not just helped this project, but brought it to life."

Tell us a bit about yourselves…

Jan: I'm Jan, a Graphic Designer from Germany working in an advertising agency. I've been making music as a hobby since I was 12 years old, but only got a little more serious about it a few years ago. I launched the project 'Rebel Pandas' in November last year and 'Nothing But You' is my second song since then.

Paulin: My name is Paulin. I am a 17 year old student from Berlin.

Georgia: I am a filmmaker, actor, writer, director and producer currently training at drama school in London. I have been working as an actor since I was a child and making professional films since my early teens. Screenwriting began as a way in which I could create more challenging and interesting roles for myself as a female in the industry. However, as I continued to grow and keep working on projects, I became more and more passionate about the work behind the camera which brings a project to the screen. I now combine both my love for writing, directing and producing with my energy for storytelling through performance to make film and theatre centring around love, loss, communication and the human form.

How did you meet?

Jan: I met Paulin on her project on Daisie where she was looking for producers to help her on her song idea (nothing but you - single). I created a draft for her; it all came together really quickly since her voice just fit beautifully to the song I had in mind. We began discussing creating a music video for it. That's when we created another project where we found Georgia, and the team around her, to shoot the video.

Georgia: I was introduced to Jan and Paulin through Daisie. The song 'Nothing But You' was one of the first projects I came across after joining the Daisie network; I quickly got in contact and asked how I could be involved. Although still in the early stages, Daisie has already been an amazing hub for creatives to come together and create.

Could you explain the 'Nothing But You' Project?

Paulin: 'Nothing But You' is a song I wrote about how I feel about the people in my life. Ever since I lost someone who was really important to me, I realised that there are people who I'm not sure I'd be able to live without. For me, music is the best way to express and to cope with my thoughts, feelings and experiences and that’s what I did with 'Nothing But You'. I'd never thought about getting it produced but Jan really made it into what it is now.

Jan: The song is a soulful story about love and the pain of loss. It is told from the woman's perspective. This will be an interesting flip of the male gaze in our music video as we centre on a female protagonist. The lyricism creates a fantasy world of safety and harmony as long as the couple are together. There is also the recklessness of love in lines such as "I don't care about anything but you," creating a bubble of adventure around the pair. The concept of the music video reflects this.

How have you used Daisie so far and how will you use it to progress your project further?

Paulin: Seeing all of these other projects and creators on Daisie gave me the courage to upload one of my songs. Then I met Jan. We communicated via Daisie and somehow created this finished single. So, Daisie was fundamental for the whole process until now and everything that is still to come. I also use Daisie for inspiration and to get ideas, both for this song and ongoing projects.

Georgia: We have a project page (Music Video 'Nothing But You') for collaborators to come and join and contribute to the vision. We are eager to build a team specifically from the talent on Daisie.

How has Daisie helped you/your projects?

Jan: It is an amazing platform to find like-minded people to create beautiful things together. It's really refreshing to see other people from the industry helping. I will definitely use Daisie in the future to find singers for my songs or maybe dancers or filmmakers for music videos.

Paulin: Daisie has not just helped this project, but brought it to life. If it wasn’t for Daisie this project would have never existed.

Georgia: Daisie has been a great resource for connecting with other creatives and sharing projects. As an artist, you always want people to find and connect with your work. In service of this, Daisie is great for expanding the conversation and your contacts in the industry.

What are the next steps for the project?

Georgia: Whilst we continue drafting the script, we are searching for the right heads for our production departments. We will be shooting in the summer, and so have a couple of months of development and pre-production ahead.

Who are you looking for now?

Georgia: We want to hear from all filmmakers who are passionate and have their own collaborative visions: cinematographers, producers, art directors, costume designers, actors, editors, storyboard artists… This will be a team effort and we are excited for everyone to work together and form a creative network.

Do you have any suggestions for other creators wanting to collaborate on Daisie?

Jan: If you request collaboration on a project, be open and talkative about ideas. It really helps and makes it more comfortable working with you.

Paulin: Just do it. Publish your thoughts, your ideas and your projects, because you may inspire others who will go on to create beautiful things because of you. Or, you might get together with others and start amazing things as a team. In addition to that, open up to different ideas and new influences, this can lead to incredible things as well.

Georgia: Get stuck in on projects and see what's out there!

The team's project is open for collaboration here. (Music Video 'Nothing But You')

Performed by: Paulin Ulbrich

Producer: Jan Francksen

Directors: Georgia Grace and Gabriel Williams

Cinematographer: Drew McCrary