One of the things we're most proud of at Daisie are the opportunities we are able to offer our global community of creators. We love rallying industry leaders around inspiring briefs to give  you – the next generation of creative people – a chance to learn, grow, network and make money.

Providing these opportunities takes a bit of work behind the scenes to ensure everything goes smoothly and so we wanted to lift the lid on how it all comes together.

The Briefs:

At Daisie we are lucky to have a very broad community with talents spanning across multiple creative industries, geographies and levels. Therefore, we offer broad briefs to accommodate for this and to encourage as many people as possible to take part. On our side, we want to see what direction each project will take and whether it’s feasible. That’s why, when it comes to Opportunities, we ask you to propose concepts, rather than portfolios or finished work. We understand that presenting an idea may seem daunting, but it's the best first step and the only way to get started.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Sounds so serious! But it's important. By uploading a project to Daisie, creators automatically grant us with a license to use and display their work. This allows us to share the work on our social media channels – thereby showcasing amazing creativity to the community, and helping you attract fans and collaborators. Whenever we display your projects on social media, we always try to provide the relevant credit to you and any collaborators that were involved in the project. We will never claim an idea to be our own. And, if you do not want your project to be on social media, that is fine: drop us an email and we will make sure not to post it.

Getting paid:

We want nothing more than to make the creative industries more accessible to up-and-coming creatives, after all, it's the philosophy Daisie was founded upon. All of the opportunities we bring Daisie creators are an expression of that philosophy – the real action we can take to help emerging talent be seen, noticed and recognised for their work. From London Creates, to Wonder Women and now, to Daisie x Tove Lo, we are focused on providing real chances to produce a self-led project, gain important professional skills, and get paid. Not all projects on Daisie are able to pay collaborators – offering experience and exposure instead – and in those cases we actively encourage project leaders to be clear and upfront about exactly what the value exchange will be from the get-go, so everyone can make informed decisions.

Age requirements:

Some of you were disappointed because only those aged 18 or above could enter :( We listened, and as a result, have extended the entry submission for Opportunities to Daisie creators of minimum 16 years old (see the entry requirements for more details). Yay!

We hope it's been helpful for us to get into the detail of our approach. If you have any further questions or suggestions for how we can do better, please do not hesitate to reach out.

In the meantime, check out our "Daisie x Tove Lo" opportunity"  where we are looking for initial concepts that reflect the themes Tove explores in her music - the bittersweet combination of happy and sad, and the conflicting feelings experienced when you're in love. If you have yet to get involved there's still time!

Thank you,

Love, Daisie x