We asked everyone at the daisie team what is their source of daily inspiration and why.

  • What inspires you?
  • How does it inspire you every day?
  • Why does it inspire you?
  • How do you use that inspiration?


I'm inspired by the creators of this world who continue to invent, inspire and explore uncharted territories. I find inspiration in everything, from the sky to the technology around me. My happiness is derived from the inspiration I find in my team, my life & my surroundings.


I'm inspired by amazing women all around the world, pushing a mindset of change and striving to not just 'go along' with issues that have been overlooked in the past. I'm inspired by my mum.


The unfathomably short span of time we are alive and conscious inspires me to make sure i’m making good use of my time on Earth. I’m inspired by amazing musicians, artists, programmers and revolutionary thinkers who like to challenge the current state of affairs. I can’t think of anything worse than to stop learning, changing and thinking.


I'm inspired by the journey, pushing through barriers and overcoming adversity. The diversity of life. Solving big, meaningful problems. The unknowing and the infinite universe.

People who dedicate their lives to something greater than themselves. Some of my biggest inspirations are:

  • Michelangelo
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Albert Einstein
  • Mark Rothko
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Socrates
  • Mother Teresa
  • Mahatma Gandhi


Will Smith.


I'm inspired by how fashion designers managed to be so creative 4 times a year by releasing new fashion collections. I particularly admire Giambatista Valli, Jacquemus and Mary Katrantzu. Their singular creations always tell you a new story and are unbelievably poetic. In a similar way, I am inspired by painters and especially impressionist masters, who make me dream within an effortless style, through the colours, lights or subjects they create. I believe that creativity is incentive: the more you get surrounded by it, the more creative you become. Working at Daisie gives me the opportunity to be inspired by my team mates, everyday. Everyone here is ingenious and creative in its own way, hard working and passionate about Daisie. Working together towards the same goal: enhancing and promoting creativity as people’ most valuable asset, keeps me open minded, curious and most of all, very exited!


It’s hard to choose, but I’d say I often draw inspiration from nature and it’s incredible complexity. As a species we’ve created so many systems and constructs yet even our most amazing achievements often pale into insignifance alongside the cells, organs and life that is all around us, and makes us what we are.

Related to daisie, I’m often in awe of talented creative folks who can produce, perform or imagine the most amazing art, music or theatre, something that’s never been my strong point, but something I wish I could do!


It would be hard to condense all my sources of inspirations in a single space but recently I found that riding on my bike every morning and night and seeing all these people doing their life helped me to get perspective on what I do every day. It's not just me from home to work, it's everything in between. I recently had a 20sec discussion with a man on his bike at a red light. Made my day.

For all the times I'm not on my bike, I would say that having discussions while eating or walking is where I get the most out the people.

Wider inspirations is everywhere.


I feel inspired when I hear other peoples stories. Reading posts from the Humans of New York or PostSecret opens my eyes to the struggles people face every day, minuscule or massive, all over the world. Being given an insight into other peoples lives and their experiences lets me put things into perspective and inspires me to make the most out of each experience I get.


I'm inspired by developers who put web performance and accessibility first. Articles and conference talks by Jeremy Keith, Jen Simmons, Ethan Marcotte, Brad Frost, Sarah Drasner & Heydon Pickering are like oxygen to me. It's far too common for software to inadvertently exclude users in a fast-paced project, so I find it essential to keep their advice in mind, and put it into practice each day.


I am inspired by a million things that come and go. My inspiration sources is as messy as my bookmarks but if I had to choose one I'd say graphic designers at Tumblr. Crazy and hungry graphic designers are the most interesting and Tumblr is a beautiful mess I love. I use it to find new ideas, keep my taste fresh and help young designers. http://thisisgrey.tumblr.com/


So here's a possibly controversial answer – I don't know what inspires me, and that makes me incredibly happy.

There's a bunch of trite answers that I could reel off here – Hacker News, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, tech press, a note inscribed in hieroglyphics on the back of a monolith in central Slough, etc. I try my hardest to keep up to date with all of these things, but they don't inspire me.

IMO, inspiration comes from learning stuff from colleagues and friends. Nothing makes me happier than someone teaching me something new about a project, or how to use a new bit of tech, or a way to water the office's plants in an efficient fashion. It goes the other way, too – sharing that knowledge is super satisfying.

That is what inspires me. Working together on a project, debating, whiteboarding, getting coffee, getting lunch, debating, a million other things, and ultimately coming up with a plan – that's so much better than any bullshit website you automatically land on when you open a new tab.

Jesus that sounds well lame doesn't it? True though.