Last Sunday, 22nd September, we held our Wonder Women event - a celebration of our winning Wonder Women projects and the fantastic female talent on Daisie - in collaboration with Refinery29 at Colours, Hoxton. It was wonderful to meet the women of Daisie and learn so much about each of their creative journeys!

Starting with active sessions in the morning, the day lead into talks and workshops from female industry leaders and a craft session, ending with drinks and celebrations for our Winning Wonder Women projects!

The morning began with an intense Barre workout held by the incredible Ashley Verma. Ashley is the founder of 'Define London', a Barre fitness studio located in Fitzrovia. She bought her high-intensity barre-style moves to the session, starting our day off right and leaving our wonder women with a healthy glow.

Following Barre, came much-needed relaxing yoga session held by Olive. Olive bought her 5 years of experience to the class, using positive reinforcement to keep it fun and entertaining and allowing our wonder women to explore their body's power.

Next was 'Crafternoon' with Refinery29's Kelsey Freeman. Kelsey is a designer at Refinery29 and focuses a lot of her talents on empowering women - making her a perfect fit for our day of girl power! She hosted the sketchbook customisation session with materials featuring feminist iconography. Our lovely Daisie women created some innovative and amazing collages!

Once the pritt sticks and scissors were put away, it was time for Refinery29's 'It's Lit Panel'. Hosted by Jess Commons, the lifestyle director at Refinery29, the panel explored what it's like to work in the literary industry as well as tips on how to get into publishing. On the stage were the inspirational female creatives Naomi Shimada, Sarah Raphael, and Hayley Sothinathan.

Naomi is a model and writer. She utilises her voice to bring about change in the fashion industry specifically combatting societies oppressive and backwards beauty standards. Sarah is the Editor-at-Large of Refinery29 and is passionate about inspiring and helping young women. Hayley is a Faber & Faber author who will be giving a behind the scenes look at the publishing world.

The lovely Rejane Dal Bello then joined us for our 'Ask a Boss Q&A'. Rejane is a highly celebrated, award-winning graphic designer and illustrator. Now with her own studio based in London specialising in brand identity, illustration, and editorials for national and international clients, Rejane provided great industry knowledge spanning from her wealth of experience. She gave a down to earth and unglorified depiction of the creative industry detailing the highs and lows every creator may experience trying to make it in the world creative careers.

Finishing the activities for the day, there was a DJ Workshop held by the extremely talented Lucid Stannard, world-renowned DJ and founder of WXMB 2. WXMB 2 is a platform for female-identifying and non-binary people to get their foot in the door of the music industry. Our Daisie women got a first-hand experience of how female DJ's make it in the industry as well as getting their hands on a DJ Deck and living the dream themselves!

DJ Workshop with WXMB 2's Lucid Stannard

As the day drew to an end, finally came the time to celebrate the fantastic Daisie women who produced the 6 winning Wonder Woman projects with Daisie cake (courtesy of Konditor) and bubbles for everyone! We had women creators from winning projects: The Girl's Bathroom, She Ba(L)d, The 100 Women Project, HER, and Not Ur Grandpa's Classical Music. Unfortunately, no one from The Homesick Project could join us however we still raised a glass in their honour.

We're so lucky here at Daisie, to have such lovely and eager creators that attend our events and get stuck into all the opportunities we offer. It is rare to be able to get to know such a vast community on a personal level. We couldn't be happier that we get to meet so many incredible people that utilise our platform and get an inside look into their journey and how Daisie has benefitted them. We appreciate all the love and support of our Daisie family! We hope that more of you can attend our next event.

A big thank you to our partners for the amazing goody bags: Milk Makeup, Cult Beauty, eos, Organicup and Tribe.