Preparing for Laguna College: 5 Essential Tips
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 6 min read


  1. Plan your course load
  2. Find housing options
  3. Explore campus resources
  4. Join clubs and organizations
  5. Manage your finances

Getting ready to attend the Laguna College of Art and Design? It's a thrilling time — stepping into a new chapter, meeting new friends, and diving into the world of art and design. But, it can also be a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we've got you covered with these five tips to help you get prepared.

Plan your Course Load

One of the first things you'll do at the Laguna College of Art and Design is planning your course load. It's like setting up a road map for your academic journey. Here's how you can do it right.

Understand the Core Curriculum

At the heart of your academic journey in Laguna College of Art and Design is the core curriculum. These are the classes that everyone takes, no matter what major they choose. They include basics like Art History, 2D and 3D Design, and Drawing and Painting. It's vital to understand what these courses entail and how they contribute to your overall education.

Create a Balanced Schedule

  • Don't Overload: While it might be tempting to take on as many courses as you can, remember that college isn't just about classes. You'll need time for homework, extracurricular activities, and, of course, a bit of fun. So, aim for a balance.
  • Prioritize: If you're passionate about Animation, for example, make sure you prioritize those classes. But also remember to leave room for classes that can broaden your horizons.

Seek Guidance

When it comes to planning your course load, you're not alone. The Laguna College of Art and Design has academic advisors who can help guide you through the process. They're familiar with the course requirements, the teachers, and can help you tailor your schedule to your goals.

In the end, planning your course load is all about making choices that suit your interests, goals, and lifestyle. So, take a deep breath and dive into the exciting world of Laguna College of Art and Design. You've got this!

Find Housing Options

Now that you've sorted out your course load, let's talk about another important aspect of your college life at Laguna College of Art and Design — finding a place to call home. Here's how you can find housing options that meet your needs.

Check out Campus Housing

One of the most convenient options for students at Laguna College of Art and Design is campus housing. With a variety of dormitory styles available, you can choose a living arrangement that suits your preferences and budget. The best part? You'll be in the heart of the action, steps away from your classes, the library, and campus events.

Consider Off-campus Housing

If campus housing isn't your cup of tea, don't fret. There are plenty of off-campus housing options near Laguna College of Art and Design. From apartments to shared houses, you can find a place that gives you a bit more independence. Just remember to factor in the additional costs, like utilities and transportation.

Use College Resources

Laguna College of Art and Design offers resources to help students find housing. Check out their housing bulletin board for listings, or talk to a student services representative for guidance. They can help you navigate the housing market and make an informed decision.

Whether you choose to live on-campus or off, your home at Laguna College of Art and Design will be more than just a place to sleep. It'll be the place where you create lifelong memories, build friendships, and start your journey into the world of art and design. So, choose wisely!

Explore Campus Resources

With your housing plan in place, it's time to dig into the wealth of resources Laguna College of Art and Design provides. These resources can enhance your college experience, providing support, enrichment, and opportunities.

Visit the Library

Think of the library as your personal treasure trove. It's packed with books, journals, and databases that can aid in your studies. The library at Laguna College of Art and Design also offers quiet study spaces and group meeting rooms. It's a perfect place to expand your knowledge and work on projects.

Take Advantage of Career Services

The Career Services department at Laguna College of Art and Design is a gem. The staff can help you fine-tune your resume, practice for interviews, and even find internships or job opportunities in the art and design world. It's never too early to start preparing for life after graduation, so make sure to drop by!

Use the Fitness Center

Between studying and creating, it's important to keep your body active too. Laguna College of Art and Design has a fitness center available to all students. Whether you're a dedicated gym rat or just looking to blow off some steam, the fitness center has what you need.

Remember, these resources are there for you to use. Make the most out of your time at Laguna College of Art and Design by utilizing everything the campus has to offer. You're not just a student, you're part of a creative community — make the most of it!

Join Clubs and Organizations

One of the greatest aspects of Laguna College of Art and Design is its vibrant community. Participating in clubs and organizations can enrich your college experience, allowing you to connect, collaborate, and create with your peers.

Seek Out Relevant Organizations

There are numerous clubs at Laguna College of Art and Design that cater to different interests. Whether you're into graphic design, animation, or game art, you can find a club that matches your passion. These organizations provide opportunities to work on group projects, learn from peers, and make lifelong connections. Don't miss out on a chance to amplify your learning experience!

Consider Leadership Roles

If you're looking to take a more active role, consider taking up a leadership position within a club. This not only allows you to shape the club's activities and initiatives but also helps you to develop leadership skills that can be invaluable in your future career.

Remember to Balance

While joining clubs and organizations can be enriching, remember to balance your commitments. You're at Laguna College of Art and Design primarily to learn and create. Clubs should enhance your college experience, not overwhelm it. So, join, participate, lead, but always remember to keep your coursework in focus.

With a wealth of clubs and organizations to choose from, the Laguna College of Art and Design community is a dynamic and diverse one. Don't hesitate to get involved — it's a great way to make friends, gain experience, and make your college years memorable.

Manage Your Finances

Let's talk about money, one of the most important aspects of college life that often causes stress. Don't worry—you're not alone in this. With some smart habits, you can manage your finances effectively while studying at Laguna College of Art and Design.

Create a Budget

First things first, create a budget. It's as simple as tracking your income and expenses. You might be surprised to see where your money goes! Once you have a clear picture, you can make informed decisions—like how much you can afford for housing, art supplies, or even that occasional treat at the local café.

Explore Scholarships and Financial Aid

Did you know Laguna College of Art and Design offers various scholarships and financial aid options? It's worth looking into these, as they can significantly reduce your financial burden. Don't forget to check deadlines and eligibility requirements.

Get Practical with a Part-Time Job

A part-time job can help ease financial stress. Besides, it can also offer valuable work experience. Look for on-campus jobs—they usually offer flexibility to accommodate your class schedule.

Save, Save, Save

Yes, we've all heard this before, but that's because it's true. Even small savings can add up over time. So, set a portion of your income aside each month—it will come in handy for unexpected expenses or future plans.

Remember, managing finances while studying at Laguna College of Art and Design is not a test—it's a skill you're developing. So, don't worry if you make mistakes. Learn from them, tweak your methods, and you'll have this money thing down in no time.

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