We launched the campaign for the daisie 100 today. Here's the what, when, why and how. Applications close in one months time.

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The campaign embodies everything we stand for at daisie. It gives us a real opportunity to find undiscovered, original talent; in a giant world where it’s very easy to get lost. We want to celebrate and nurture creators of every kind, this is our first step in that journey. Introducing our search for 100 creative people of every kind -  Anyone and everyone with a passion for making is invited to participate. Head here to learn more & take part.

We’ve put together a team of 100 Industry leaders who are acting as ambassadors & will join the app early, alongside the 100 we find through the daisie 100 campaign. These individuals are forming the next wave of talent in the creative industries.

A word from Maisie - “Our campaign aims to embody Daisie’s message of community by accepting submissions worldwide, from people of any skill level. We’re looking for creatives who haven’t had their break yet; and are hoping to give them the nudge they need to continue on their journey. I’m really looking forward to seeing the range of work submitted and I know I’m going to be floored by the level of creativity throughout the projects.”

Community is the word we’ve settled on when talking about the reason for daisie; thus making this campaign incredibly important —our daisie 100 will form the foundations of the team that we’re building. People who are making projects for the right reasons, telling interesting stories & are open to helping and inspiring others who may be a few steps behind them.

The film is a collaborative effort of a large team, including: Child Studio London, Negative Feedback, Daisy Chain Productions, Rosie Matheson, Cortex Creatives, Reuben Selby, Kelvyn Colt, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Asa Butterfield, Jordan Stephens, Ocean Lewis, Jacob Anderson, Jordan Stephens, Fran Summers, Dread MC, New World Ray & Josh Parkinson. Thank you!

If you want to find out more about the campaign, or if you want to submit; head over to: www.daisie.com/100 - You can also find more information on what exactly you'll receive as being part of the daisie 100 & the future opportunities that'll present themselves to you.

You’ll find info & inspiration packs, as well as the opportunities for winners. We’ve received some brilliant applications so far, some of whom I know will be amongst the first 100 on the app. You could be too! Entry is open till May 31st.