On Saturday the 7th of July we held our first ever event (woohoo) and got the chance to meet our wonderful daisie100, who will be the first people on the app! It was an opportunity for us to learn more about our close community and also allowed them to network with one another making valuable connections that we hope will lead to collaborations on future projects.

The event was held at Leman Locke Hotel in London; a fitting venue as Locke hotels also strive to support emerging creatives by hosting events and programmes that promote artistic freedom and allow creatives to network within the industry. We had a great turn out with people traveling from all over! All in all it was a wonderful evening. For those of you who couldn't attend here is a quick run down.

The evening began with a short intro from Maisie and Dom who explained why we had all been brought together and what daisie was. The rest of the evening was filled by conversation and creativity. It was wonderful to observe how discussion flourished between individuals. For those who wanted to exert their passion in another way, we had set up "drawing stations". We partnered with Moleskine who provided Smart writing systems that digitalise drawings from paper to your phone or device.

Alongside the stations we also had a large canvas- provided from sponsor Daler Rowney- where guests were free to experiment and create.

We'd like to say a special thanks to our drink sponsors: Trumans Beer, East London Liquor, Franklin and Sons, Lone Wolf Spirits