The Top Social Media Tools for Exceptional Customer Service
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 8 min read


  1. HootSuite for customer service on Facebook and Twitter
  2. Buffer for scheduling and analytics
  3. Sprout Social for team collaboration
  4. Brandwatch for social media monitoring
  5. Zendesk for customer support tickets
  6. Sparkcentral for real-time customer engagement
  7. Agorapulse for all-in-one social media management
  8. Mention for global listening
  9. Klout for influencer identification
  10. Crowdbooster for data-driven decisions

As businesses continue to embrace social media as a prime platform for customer service, the need for the right tools to manage these interactions has never been more important. In this digital era, quick responses, efficient problem resolution, and maintaining a friendly tone are key to winning customer loyalty. To help you navigate this landscape, here's a list of the top 10 social media tools for customer service that stand out in their unique ways.

HootSuite for customer service on Facebook and Twitter

When it comes to managing customer service on Facebook and Twitter, HootSuite is a tool that you might find invaluable. Why, you ask? Let's break it down:

  • Centralized dashboard: Forget about juggling between tabs. With Hootsuite, you can view and respond to all Facebook and Twitter interactions from one screen. This means you can reply to comments, direct messages, and mentions without having to switch between platforms.
  • Team collaboration: HootSuite allows multiple team members to manage customer service queries. This ensures that no customer query slips through the cracks and everyone gets a timely response.
  • Schedule posts: You can plan and schedule your posts in advance. This means you can set up posts for peak engagement times and not have to worry about missing that perfect post timing.
  • Analytics: HootSuite provides detailed reports about your social media performance. These insights can help you understand your audience better and improve your customer service strategy.

So as you can see, HootSuite isn’t just another tool. It's a way to streamline your Facebook and Twitter customer service efforts, ensure quick responses, and provide a seamless customer experience. And the best part? You can start with a free plan and explore the possibilities before deciding to upgrade. Remember, in a world where customer service can make or break a brand, having a tool like HootSuite in your arsenal can be a game-changer.

Buffer for scheduling and analytics

Think of Buffer as your personal assistant for scheduling posts and analyzing performance. If you're juggling multiple social media accounts and finding it a challenge to keep your content calendar in check, Buffer is your go-to tool. Here's why:

  • Post Scheduling: Buffer allows you to schedule posts across different social media platforms. This way, you can ensure you're constantly engaging with your audience even when you're not online. Plus, it also saves you from the stress of manually posting at peak times.
  • Analytics: Wondering how your posts are performing? Buffer provides detailed analytics that can give you insights into what's working and what's not. This way, you can tweak your strategy based on solid data rather than guesswork.
  • Team features: Got a team? Great! With Buffer, you can collaborate with your team members to manage your social media accounts. This means no more back-and-forth emails or confusion about who's handling what.

In a nutshell, Buffer is like having an extra pair of hands to help you manage your social media customer service. It's easy to use, saves time, and provides valuable insights that can help you provide better service. So, why not give Buffer a try and see how it can transform your social media game?

Sprout Social for team collaboration

Ever felt like handling social media customer service is like spinning plates? You're not alone. That's where our next star player, Sprout Social, steps into the game. Here's why it's a top pick:

  • Team Collaboration: Sprout Social is built around teamwork. Everyone in your team can join in, respond to customer queries, and ensure no question goes unanswered. It's like having a well-oiled machine where everyone knows their part.
  • Unified Inbox: Imagine having all your social media messages, comments, and mentions in one place — sounds like a dream, right? Sprout Social makes it a reality with its unified inbox feature. This way, you never miss a message and can respond faster to customer inquiries.
  • Performance Reports: Do you know which team member is rocking customer service? Sprout Social provides detailed reports on individual performances. This way, you can identify your customer service wizards and learn from their strategies.

So, if you're looking for a tool that can help your team work together like a well-tuned orchestra, Sprout Social might be your perfect match. It's designed to make teamwork seamless, efficient, and effective. After all, teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Brandwatch for social media monitoring

Let's talk about Brandwatch, another superstar in our list of top ten social media tools for customer service. What's so special about it? Well, let's dive into the details:

  • Global Coverage: Brandwatch has a wide net — it covers over 95 million sources in 45+ languages. This means you can hear what your customers are saying about your brand, no matter where they are or what language they're speaking.
  • Insightful Analytics: Brandwatch doesn't just monitor social media; it goes a step further. It analyzes the data and provides actionable insights. This way, you can learn more about your customers' needs, wants, and pain points.
  • Real-time Updates: With Brandwatch, you get real-time updates. So if there's a sudden surge in brand mentions, you'll know about it immediately. You can then step in and provide customer service before a minor issue becomes a major problem.

In a nutshell, Brandwatch is like your own personal social media detective. It keeps an eye on everything, provides you with valuable insights, and helps you improve your customer service game. So, are you ready to take your customer service to the next level with Brandwatch?

Zendesk for customer support tickets

Next in our lineup of top ten social media tools for customer service is Zendesk. If you've ever had to manage customer support tickets, you'll understand the need for a tool like Zendesk. Why is it so special, you ask? Let's break it down:

  • Streamlined Support: Zendesk helps you keep all your customer support tickets in one place. This means less clutter and more organization. Plus, you can prioritize and solve customer queries faster.
  • Integration Power: One of the best things about Zendesk is its ability to integrate with other platforms. Whether it's email, web, phone, or social media, you can manage all your customer conversations in one place.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With Zendesk, you can track customer satisfaction rates. This can give you a better understanding of how your customer service team is performing and where improvements can be made.

So, if you're looking for a way to streamline your customer support and keep your customers happy, Zendesk could be the answer. Ready to give it a go?

Sparkcentral for real-time customer engagement

Now, let's talk about Sparkcentral, another tool on our top 10 social media tools for customer service list. If real-time customer engagement is your game, Sparkcentral should be your tool of choice. But what sets it apart? Let's take a look:

  • Real-Time Response: With Sparkcentral, you can chat with your customers in real time. This means no waiting around for email responses, and issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • Unified Inbox: Juggling multiple social media platforms? Sparkcentral consolidates all your customer messages into a single inbox. This makes it much easier to manage and respond to customer queries.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Just like Zendesk, Sparkcentral lets you track customer satisfaction. It's always good to know how well you're doing, right?

So if you're all about giving your customers timely and efficient service, Sparkcentral might be just the tool you need. Are you ready to take your customer engagement to the next level?

Agorapulse for all-in-one social media management

Continuing with our top 10 social media tools for customer service, let's shine a spotlight on Agorapulse. If you're searching for a tool that can handle all your social media management needs, Agorapulse might be your best bet. But why, you ask? Let's break it down:

  • All-in-One Dashboard: Agorapulse's dashboard is like your personal social media command center. It gathers all your social media interactions in one place, making it easier to track and manage.
  • Post Scheduling: Planning your posts ahead of time? Agorapulse has got you covered. Its scheduling feature lets you plan your posts in advance, so you can ensure steady content output without the daily hassle.
  • Analytics: Agorapulse isn't just about managing your social media, it's also about understanding it. With its in-depth analytics, you can gain insights into your audience and their behavior, which helps you make better decisions.

With all these features, Agorapulse can truly be a one-stop-shop for your social media management. So, are you ready to simplify your social media strategy?

Mention for Global Listening

Ok, let's move on to Mention, another gem in our list of top 10 social media tools for customer service. Ever wondered what people around the world are saying about your brand? Cue Mention, a tool that lets you do exactly that. Here's why it's worth considering:

  • Global Listening: Mention allows you to keep an ear to the ground, globally. It scans the web, picking up any chatter about your brand from all corners of the internet. So whether you're being praised or criticized, you won't miss a thing.
  • Real-Time Alerts: With Mention, you won't need to keep refreshing your browser every five minutes. It sends real-time alerts whenever your brand gets mentioned, ensuring you're always in the know.
  • Competitor Analysis: Want to know what people are saying about your competitors? Mention can do that too. It helps you understand your competition better, allowing you to make strategic decisions.

So, if you're looking for a tool that keeps you informed about what's happening in your brand's world, Mention could be your new best friend. Ready to tune in to the global conversation?

Klout for Influencer Identification

Now, let's talk about Klout, another star on our top 10 social media tools for customer service list. This tool is all about tapping into the power of influencers. Here's how Klout can help you:

  • Influencer Identification: Klout helps you find the people who can make the most noise about your brand. These aren't just folks with a lot of followers, but those who really engage their audience and can sway opinions.
  • Social Impact Score: Klout assigns a score to each user based on their social influence. It's like a SAT score for social media. The higher the score, the more influence a person has. This can help you target the right influencers for your brand.
  • Effective Engagement: Klout provides insights on how to engage with influencers in a way that makes them more likely to champion your brand. Remember, it's not just about finding influencers - it's about creating genuine relationships with them.

So, if you're ready to leverage the power of influencers, Klout is a tool you'll want to check out. Ready to find your brand's biggest fans?

Crowdbooster for Data-Driven Decisions

Next up on our list of top 10 social media tools for customer service is Crowdbooster. Are you someone who loves numbers and data? If so, this might be the tool for you. Let's break down what Crowdbooster offers:

  • Insightful Analytics: With Crowdbooster, you get real-time analytics about your social media presence. This lets you monitor the performance of your posts and see what's working and what's not.
  • Smart Recommendations: Crowdbooster doesn't just give you data - it provides actionable recommendations based on that data. It's like having a smart assistant who tells you how to improve your social media game.
  • Scheduling Power: Crowdbooster also helps you schedule posts at optimal times. So, you don't just post willy-nilly - you post when your audience is most likely to see your content.

With Crowdbooster, you're not just guessing your way through social media. You're making data-driven decisions. And that can make a big difference in your customer service game. Don't you think it's time to boost your social media strategy?

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