Top 5 Must-Know Designer Vinyl Toys for Collectors
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 5 min read


  1. KAWS Companion
  2. Bearbrick
  3. Funko Pop!
  4. Kidrobot Dunny
  5. Qee Toy2R

If you're a fan of designer vinyl toys, you're in the right place. We're diving deep into the world of collectibles, focusing on the top 5 must-know vinyl toys every collector should have on their radar. Let's start with a true icon of the vinyl toy universe — the KAWS Companion.

KAWS Companion

The KAWS Companion is more than just a vinyl toy; it's a piece of contemporary art. Created by Brian Donnelly, better known by his alias KAWS, these toys quickly gained popularity among collectors and art lovers alike.

The Unique Design

What sets the KAWS Companion apart is its unique design. Sure, at first glance, you might think this vinyl toy resembles a certain popular cartoon character. But look closer, and you'll see it's so much more. From the crossed-out eyes to the cartoonish gloves, every detail adds to its distinctive charm.

Collectible Editions

Over the years, KAWS released various editions of the Companion, making it a must-have for any vinyl toy collector. Some versions you might come across include:

  • The Open Edition: This one's known for its seated position and comes in different colors.
  • The Flayed Edition: This vinyl toy gives you a peek inside the Companion, with half of its body showing an internal structure — a unique take on the classic design.
  • The Holiday Edition: Released to celebrate various holidays, these are often larger and make a real statement in any collection.

Popularity in the Art World

Remember when I said the KAWS Companion was more than just a vinyl toy? Here's why. Over time, this little figure has made its way into the art world, becoming a recognized piece of contemporary art. It's even been featured in museums and sold at art auctions. Now, how many vinyl toys can boast that?

So, if you're a collector, or even if you're just starting your vinyl toy journey, the KAWS Companion is a great place to start. Not only will you own a cool-looking toy, but you'll also have a piece of art history right there on your shelf.


Next up on our list is Bearbrick, a name that's practically synonymous with the vinyl toy collecting scene. Produced by the Japanese company Medicom Toy, Bearbrick toys have taken the world by storm with their iconic bear shape and endless array of designs.

Why the Bear Shape?

Ever wondered why a bear? It's simple, really. The bear shape is not just cute, it's also a blank canvas. This allows artists and designers to unleash their creativity, resulting in a vast range of Bearbrick designs. From simple color blocks to complex patterns, and even collaborations with famous artists and brands, you're bound to find a Bearbrick that catches your eye.

The Rarity Factor

One thing that makes collecting Bearbrick toys exciting is the rarity factor. Each series includes common designs, but also rare "chase" figures. These are produced in limited quantities, making them hard to find and highly sought-after. Who doesn't love the thrill of the hunt?

Size Does Matter

Bearbrick toys come in various sizes, ranging from the tiny 50% (7 cm tall) to the gigantic 1000% (70 cm tall). So whether you have a small shelf or an entire room for your vinyl toy collection, there's a Bearbrick size that fits just right.

With their distinctive bear shape, varied designs, and rarity factor, Bearbrick toys have earned their place in the heart of vinyl toy collectors everywhere. And who knows? Your next Bearbrick could be the rare find that brings your collection to the next level!

Funko Pop!

Moving on, we can't overlook Funko Pop! when discussing vinyl toys. These delightful figures are known for their characteristic big heads and small bodies, a design that gives them a quirky charm.

Pop Culture Galore

Funko Pop! stands out for its extensive range of figures based on pop culture icons. They've got everything, from movie and TV characters to musicians and sports stars. Want a vinyl toy of your favorite superhero? Funko Pop! has got you covered.

Exclusives and Variants

Funko Pop! keeps things interesting with exclusive releases and variants. Exclusives are typically sold at specific retailers or events, adding an element of adventure to your vinyl toy hunt. Variants, on the other hand, feature different designs of the same character. Imagine having a whole set of your favorite character, each one with a different outfit or pose!

Box or No Box?

One common debate among Funko Pop! collectors is whether to keep the toys in their boxes or not. Keeping them boxed can protect them and potentially increase their value over time. However, unboxing them allows for a better display and appreciation of the toy's details. It's your call!

With Funko Pop!, collecting vinyl toys becomes a journey through pop culture. You can build an entire collection around your interests, making your display truly personal and unique.

Kidrobot Dunny

Next up on our tour of must-know designer vinyl toys is the Kidrobot Dunny. These rabbit-like figures have made quite a splash in the vinyl toy scene, and it's not hard to see why.

Artist-Driven Design

When you buy a Dunny, you're not just getting a vinyl toy — you're getting a piece of art. Kidrobot collaborates with artists from around the globe to create Dunnys, which means each figure carries a unique artistic vision. It's like owning a little piece of an art gallery!

Size Variety

One of the standout features of Dunny is the variety in sizes. These vinyl toys come in a range of dimensions, from a pocket-friendly 3 inches to an eye-catching 20 inches. This means you can find a Dunny that fits your space perfectly, whether you're after a desk buddy or a display centerpiece.

Blind Boxes

Looking for a bit of surprise in your vinyl toy collecting? Dunny has got you covered. Many Dunnys come in blind boxes, meaning you don't know which design you're getting until you open it. It’s like a surprise party in every box!

With their artist-driven design and size variety, Kidrobot Dunnys offer a unique experience to vinyl toy collectors. They're not just toys, but a celebration of creativity and artistic expression.

Qee Toy2R

Let's move on to another vinyl toy that's been causing a stir among collectors - the Qee Toy2R. Originating from Hong Kong, these quirky toys have won hearts worldwide with their varied designs and customizable nature.

Character Diversity

The first thing you might notice about Qee Toy2R is the sheer diversity in characters. From bears to cats to monkeys — and even some human figures — there's truly a Qee to match every taste. These vinyl toys capture a wide array of personalities, making them a great way to express your own!


Feel like bringing your own creativity into your vinyl toy collection? Qee Toy2R is perfect for that. These toys are designed to be customizable, allowing you to add your own touch of paint or design. It’s a fantastic way to make your collection truly one-of-a-kind.

Accessible Collecting

Qee Toy2R makes collecting vinyl toys accessible to everyone. With their affordable pricing, it's easy to start your own collection without breaking the bank. Plus, their compact size makes them perfect for those with limited display space.

In the world of vinyl toys, Qee Toy2R stands out as a unique option for those seeking character diversity and customizability. They're more than just toys — they're a canvas for your creativity and a fun way to start your collecting journey.

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