Top Minimalist Design Magazines for Inspiration and Insights
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 8 min read


  1. Kinfolk
  2. Cereal
  3. Minimalissimo
  4. Modern Matter
  5. Apartamento
  6. Milk Decoration
  7. Openhouse
  8. Warehouse Home
  9. Drift
  10. Nomad

If you're on the hunt for the top magazines for minimalist design, you've come to the right place. Everyone needs a touch of inspiration now and then, and flipping through a well-curated magazine can spark that creative flame. Whether you're a seasoned designer or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity, this list of minimalist design magazines offers a wealth of inspiration and insights. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let's dive into this treasure trove of minimalist design goodness.


When it comes to minimalist design, Kinfolk has pretty much set the standard. It's a standout in the realm of top magazines for minimalist design. Known for its clean lines, muted color palette, and focus on the essentials, Kinfolk is a go-to source for those who value simplicity in their visual landscape.

  • Design Quality: Each page is a testament to the power of minimal design. The layout is light, clean, and uncluttered—allowing the content to shine.
  • Inspiration: If you're seeking ideas on how to bring minimalism into your own work or living space, Kinfolk provides a buffet of inspiration. Its pages are filled with visually stunning images that showcase the beauty of simplicity.
  • Insights: Beyond its visual appeal, Kinfolk offers in-depth features and articles that explore the philosophy behind minimalist design. It's not just about looking good—it's about creating spaces that foster calm and enhance well-being.

Whether you're a design professional seeking fresh ideas or a minimalist enthusiast looking to refine your aesthetic, Kinfolk serves as a reliable compass. It's no surprise that it consistently ranks high among the top magazines for minimalist design. So, next time you're out at your local bookstore, why not pick up a copy? You might just find your new design muse.


Moving on to our next gem, let's talk about Cereal. This UK-based publication has carved its own niche in the minimalist design world with its distinctive aesthetic. But Cereal isn't just a top magazine for minimalist design—it's an experience that encapsulates a lifestyle.

  • Design Quality: Cereal is renowned for its stunning photography and crisp design. The magazine's layout is a minimalist's dream, offering a visual feast of wide white spaces, restrained typography, and striking, high-quality images.
  • Inspiration: If you're interested in travel, art, or lifestyle through the lens of minimalism, Cereal is your ticket to a world of inspiration. The magazine beautifully combines travel stories, city guides, and artist profiles—all presented with a minimalist touch.
  • Insights: Cereal goes beyond surface aesthetics to delve into the stories behind the visuals. The magazine offers thoughtful, in-depth articles that provide insights into the minimalist lifestyle and its influence on various aspects of culture.

Reading Cereal feels like embarking on a serene journey—a journey that invites you to slow down, take a deep breath, and truly appreciate the beauty in simplicity. It's more than a magazine; it's a journey into the heart of minimalism. So why wait? Grab a copy of Cereal and let your minimalist adventure begin.


Up next on this list of top magazines for minimalist design is Minimalissimo. This publication is quite literally the embodiment of minimalism, with its name deriving from the Italian word for 'minimalist'.

  • Design Quality: Minimalissimo offers a clean, sleek aesthetic, with a design so simple it's almost poetic. The magazine's use of white space, refined typography, and restrained color palette underlines its dedication to minimalism.
  • Inspiration: Minimalissimo covers a broad spectrum of topics, including architecture, fashion, art, and graphic design. This makes it an invaluable source of inspiration for anyone looking to incorporate minimalism into their personal or professional projects.
  • Insights: Minimalissimo is not just a visual treat; it also offers insightful articles into the minimalist design philosophy. Readers can gain a deeper understanding of the less-is-more approach and how it can enhance their design pursuits.

Minimalissimo is more than just a magazine — it's a tribute to the beauty of simplicity. If you're interested in minimalist design, this magazine is a must-read. So, why not pick up a copy today and start exploring the minimalist design world through the eyes of the experts?

Modern Matter

Let's move on to another standout in our top magazines for minimalist design list, Modern Matter. This publication is a testament to the power of pure, unadulterated design and thought-provoking content.

  • Design Quality: Modern Matter is a testament to the "less is more" philosophy, with a design aesthetic that is both sophisticated and uncluttered. Its pages are a harmony of rich, thoughtfully chosen images, and clean, crisp typography.
  • Inspiration: Modern Matter isn't just a design magazine; it's also a platform for contemporary culture and art. Each issue is brimming with inspiration from artists, designers, and creatives at the forefront of their fields, making it a go-to source for avant-garde design concepts.
  • Insights: The articles in Modern Matter delve into the minds of creative visionaries, offering readers a unique perspective on minimalist design. It's a goldmine of insights and perspectives, perfect for those who love to think outside the box.

So, if you're seeking to be inspired by the beauty of modern minimalism and the people who are shaping its future, Modern Matter may be just what you need. Why not grab a copy and see how it can influence your design ideas?


Next up on our list of top magazines for minimalist design is the one and only Apartamento. Touted as an everyday life interiors magazine, Apartamento does an incredible job of showcasing minimalist design in real, lived-in spaces.

  • Design Quality: Apartamento has a unique and compelling visual style. It prioritizes authenticity over staged perfection, making its minimalist design feel accessible and relatable. It's a visual feast of unpretentious, functional design.
  • Inspiration: Apartamento is a refreshing breath of fresh air in the design world. It offers a peek into the homes and lives of creative individuals, providing real-world inspiration for those looking to infuse minimalism into their own spaces.
  • Insights: The magazine is more than just pretty pictures. Each issue contains interviews and stories that give readers a deeper understanding of the featured subjects' design philosophy. Every page offers interesting insights into the practical application of minimalist design.

So, if you're looking for inspiration that feels real and achievable, Apartamento is your go-to magazine. Its pages are a testament to the fact that minimalism can be warm, inviting, and perfectly suited for everyday life.

Milk Decoration

Let's move on to another top magazine for minimalist design: the elegant and refined Milk Decoration. This French publication is a treasure trove for those who appreciate minimalist aesthetics with a touch of bohemian vibes.

  • Design Quality: What sets Milk Decoration apart is its diverse visual language. It beautifully blends minimalism with elements of other design styles, offering a fresh perspective on what minimalist design can look like. The magazine's high-quality photography and thoughtful layouts make it a pleasure to flip through.
  • Inspiration: Milk Decoration takes you on a journey through stylish homes around the world. It's the kind of magazine that makes you want to redecorate your living space immediately, armed with a fresh vision of minimalist design.
  • Insights: Beyond aesthetics, Milk Decoration is also a fantastic source of design knowledge. It features in-depth interviews with designers, architects, and artists, providing valuable insights into the creative process behind minimalist design.

Whether you're a seasoned minimalist design enthusiast or just starting to explore this design ethos, Milk Decoration is a source of inspiration and insights that you shouldn't miss out on. It shows that minimalism doesn't have to be sterile or impersonal, but can be warm, eclectic, and full of personality.


Turn the page to another must-read minimalist design magazine: the global and inviting Openhouse. This is the go-to publication for anyone who believes minimalism isn’t just a style—it's a way of life.

  • Design Quality: Openhouse captures minimalist design in all its simplicity and elegance. Each page of this magazine is a testament to the power of "less is more", with clean lines, muted colors, and lots of white space.
  • Inspiration: Openhouse takes you inside some of the world's most beautiful minimalist homes. It's not just about looking pretty, though. Each home has a story, and Openhouse tells it through intimate photos and thoughtful narratives.
  • Insights: Openhouse goes beyond the surface of minimalist design. It delves into the philosophy behind it, educating readers about the importance of intentionality, functionality, and harmony in design.

Reading Openhouse is a whole new experience. It's more than just a magazine—it's an opportunity to rethink your approach to design and lifestyle. If you're interested in minimalist design, this is one resource you'll definitely want to keep on your coffee table.

Warehouse Home

Ever wonder how an old industrial building can transform into a minimalist sanctuary? Look no further than the pages of Warehouse Home. This magazine is a treasure trove for those who appreciate the mix of industrial elements and minimalist design.

  • Design Quality: Warehouse Home keeps its designs raw and real. It embraces the beauty in exposed brick, metal, and concrete, all while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. The result? Spaces that are simple, yet full of character.
  • Inspiration: Warehouse Home takes you on a tour of converted lofts, refurbished factories, and other industrial spaces turned minimalist homes. Each issue is like a masterclass in how to mix old and new, minimalism and industrialism.
  • Insights: Warehouse Home does not simply showcase designs, it also shares practical advice. It talks about how to repurpose industrial materials, how to balance functionality and aesthetics, and how to create a minimalist home that's warm and inviting.

In every issue of Warehouse Home, you'll find a wealth of ideas to inspire your next minimalist design project. It’s definitely among the top magazines for minimalist design. So, are you ready to give your space a warehouse-inspired makeover?


If you're a minimalist design enthusiast who also happens to love coffee, then Drift could be your next favorite read. This magazine explores coffee culture around the world, always through a minimalist lens.

  • Design Quality: Drift stays true to its minimalist roots, presenting clean layouts and stunning photography. The magazine's aesthetics are a testament to how less can indeed be more.
  • Inspiration: Each issue of Drift takes you to a different coffee-loving city, offering a fresh perspective on minimalist design. So, whether you're redesigning your kitchen or opening a coffee shop, Drift can provide a wealth of inspiration.
  • Insights: Drift goes beyond aesthetics, delving into the stories behind coffee cultures and their spaces. It's a magazine that offers cultural insights as much as design ideas.

Reading Drift is like savoring a cup of coffee on a quiet morning—it's a soothing experience. It's an unexpected but fitting addition to the list of top magazines for minimalist design. So, why not enjoy your coffee with a side of minimalist design inspiration?


Ever wondered what the homes of the world's most creative minds look like? Well, Nomad is here to answer that question. This magazine takes a peek into the personal spaces of artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, all with a minimalist touch.

  • Design Quality: Nomad keeps it simple and elegant. Each page is a visual treat with high-quality images, complemented by a sleek layout that lets the content speak for itself.
  • Inspiration: Nomad's pages are filled with a variety of minimalist spaces, from Scandinavian homes to Japanese studios. It's a treasure trove of ideas for anyone aiming for a minimalist makeover.
  • Insights: Alongside design inspiration, Nomad offers an intimate look at the lives of creatives, their work, and how their spaces reflect their personalities. It's not just a design magazine—it's a journey into the minds of the artistic world.

Nomad is more than just a magazine; it's an exploration of life and design. It's a publication that proves that minimalist design is not about emptiness, but about finding beauty in simplicity. So, if you're looking for top magazines for minimalist design, Nomad is definitely worth flipping through.

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