Top Social Media Tools for Effortless Content Curation
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 8 min read


  1. Use Buzzsumo for content discovery
  2. Leverage Hootsuite for social media management
  3. Employ Feedly for RSS aggregation
  4. Adopt Pocket for saving content
  5. Utilize for content curation
  6. Engage with Curator for link organization
  7. Implement SocialBee for content scheduling
  8. Capitalize on ContentStudio for content automation
  9. Embrace TRIBE for influencer marketing
  10. Integrate Sniply for Call-to-Action creation

When it comes to content curation on social media, having the right set of tools can make the job a whole lot easier. Whether you're a business owner, a marketer, or simply someone who loves sharing engaging content, the following list of top 10 social media tools for content curation will be your new best friends. From discovery to scheduling, these tools have got you covered.

Use Buzzsumo for content discovery

Let's kick things off with Buzzsumo, a tool that truly shines when it comes to content discovery. This tool helps you find trending topics and popular content across the web, making it a breeze to stay in the loop. Here's why you should consider adding Buzzsumo to your social media toolbox:

  • Find trending content: Buzzsumo makes it easy for you to discover what's hot in your industry. It does the hard work of scouring the internet for you, leaving you free to focus on sharing the most engaging content with your audience.
  • Identify influencers: Want to know who's making waves in your field? Buzzsumo can help you identify key influencers who are driving conversations and trends. This gives you a clear idea of whom to follow and engage with.
  • Analyze what works: Buzzsumo doesn't just help you find content; it also provides insights into what types of content perform best. By getting a handle on these insights, you can tailor your own content strategy to maximize engagement.

So, if you've been struggling with content discovery, it might be time to give Buzzsumo a try. It could just be the tool you need to keep your social media feeds fresh and engaging.

Leverage Hootsuite for social media management

Next up in our top 10 social media tools for content curation is Hootsuite. If you've been juggling multiple social media accounts, you'll know how time-consuming it can be. That's where Hootsuite comes in. Let's look at the reasons why Hootsuite is a must-have for savvy social media managers:

  • Manage multiple accounts: Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social media accounts from a single dashboard. No more switching between tabs or getting lost in a sea of notifications. It's like having your very own social media command center.
  • Schedule posts: With Hootsuite, there's no need to be tied to your computer all day. You can schedule your posts in advance and let Hootsuite do the rest. This means you can maintain a consistent online presence, even when you're busy doing other things.
  • Analyze performance: Hootsuite also offers in-depth analytics that give you a clear picture of how your content is performing. You can see which posts are hitting the mark, and which ones might need a bit of tweaking.

So, if you're looking for a way to streamline your social media management, why not give Hootsuite a try? It could be the time-saving tool you've been searching for.

Employ Feedly for RSS aggregation

Ever had that feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content floating around on the internet? Well, you're not alone. But don't worry, that's where our third tool on the top 10 social media tools for content curation steps in. Meet Feedly, your go-to tool for RSS aggregation.

  • Organize your content: Feedly lets you gather all your favorite blogs, news sites and YouTube channels in one place. It's like having a personalized newspaper, where you only see the stories you care about.
  • Discover new content: Feedly isn't just about staying up to date with your favorite sites. It also suggests new content based on your preferences, helping you discover new sources of inspiration.
  • Save for later: Come across a great article but don't have time to read it? No problem. With Feedly, you can save content for later, making sure you never miss out on a good read.

So, if you're looking to cut through the internet clutter and focus on what really matters, give Feedly a try. You might find it makes your online life a whole lot easier.

Adopt Pocket for saving content

Let's move on to tool number four on our list of top 10 social media tools for content curation — Pocket. Ever stumbled upon an interesting piece of content but didn't have time to read or watch it at the moment? Happens to the best of us. But fret not; Pocket is here to save the day (and the content)!

  • Save content from anywhere: With Pocket, you can save articles, videos, and just about anything you find online directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and more.
  • Read or watch anytime, anywhere: The best part? You can access your saved content anytime, even without an internet connection. Perfect for those long flights or subway rides, don't you think?
  • Discover new content: Pocket also doubles as a discovery tool, recommending interesting content that's been saved, read, and recommended by millions of other Pocket users. So, you're not just saving; you're discovering too!

Just imagine, no more missing out on interesting content just because you're busy. That's the power of Pocket. Remember, good content waits for no one, but with Pocket, you'll never have to say 'goodbye' to interesting reads again!

Utilize for content curation

Next up on our list of top 10 social media tools for content curation, we have If you're wondering how to keep your audience engaged with high-quality content without spending hours on research, is your answer.

  • Curate on-the-go: lets you curate content from anywhere on the web, all in one place. All you have to do is pick a topic, and will provide relevant content for you to share. Easy, right?
  • Stay in control: With, you can customize your content's look and feel, add your thoughts and insights, and even schedule posts for later. It's like having your own personal content manager.
  • Measure your impact: Want to know how your curated content is performing?'s built-in analytics tool lets you track engagement, shares, and more. That way, you'll know what works and what doesn't.

With, you can curate top-notch content that grabs your audience's attention and keeps them coming back for more. So, why not give it a try and see the magic of effortless content curation for yourself?

When we talk about the top 10 social media tools for content curation, we can't leave out Curator. Ever ended up with a million tabs open while searching for content? Curator is here to make your life easier.

  • Keep things neat: Curator allows you to gather links from across the web and organize them into collections. It's like keeping your digital workspace tidy.
  • Share with ease: Once you've organized your links, you can share your collections with your audience. It's a great way to provide valuable resources without overwhelming your followers.
  • Discover new content: Curator also suggests new content based on your collections. So, you'll always have fresh material to share.

With Curator, you can keep your content organized and easily accessible. No more losing that perfect article in a sea of tabs. Ready to take your content curation game to the next level?

Implement SocialBee for content scheduling

Let's move forward on our journey through the top 10 social media tools for content curation. Next up is SocialBee, an all-in-one social media tool that you shouldn't overlook.

  • Plan in advance: With SocialBee, you can schedule your posts for the whole week or even month in one sitting. No more daily hustle to find content and post it.
  • Consistency is key: Regularly posting content keeps your audience engaged. With SocialBee, you can ensure your social media channels are never silent.
  • Performance reports: SocialBee doesn't stop at scheduling. It also provides you with performance reports, so you can see what's working and what's not.

With SocialBee, you don't just curate content, but also manage when and where it gets published. It's a great way to stay consistent with your content strategy. So, are you ready to buzz along with SocialBee?

Capitalize on ContentStudio for content automation

Continuing our voyage through the top 10 social media tools for content curation, we land on the shores of ContentStudio. This is a tool that takes automation to a new level.

  • Mind the gap: ContentStudio fills the gap between content discovery and its publication. You find top-notch content and it takes care of the rest.
  • Stay in the loop: ContentStudio keeps track of trending content in your industry. This way, you always have fresh material to share with your audience.
  • Work smarter, not harder: Why manually post when you can automate? With ContentStudio, you get to focus more on strategy and less on the repetitive tasks.

By using ContentStudio, you can streamline your content curation and distribution process. Remember, automation is not about being less involved, but about being more efficient. Isn't it time you added ContentStudio to your toolkit?

Embrace TRIBE for influencer marketing

Now, let's shift gears a bit and talk about TRIBE. If you're wondering why it made our top 10 social media tools for content curation, it's because it offers a unique twist: influencer marketing.

  • Unlock a new dimension: TRIBE helps you connect with influencers who can create and share engaging content for you. It's like having an extended team of content creators!
  • Authenticity is key: With TRIBE, you can promote your brand in a way that's organic and authentic. People trust influencers and their recommendations, so this can be a great boost for your brand.
  • Quality over quantity: TRIBE's platform ensures you only link up with influencers who create high-quality content. It's not just about reaching more people—it's about reaching the right people.

So, why not give TRIBE a try? It might just be the secret ingredient you need for your content marketing recipe. After all, who wouldn't want to capitalize on the power of influencers?

Integrate Sniply for Call-to-Action creation

Finally, we've reached the last tool on our list of top 10 social media tools for content curation. Let's take a look at Sniply, shall we? This tool brings a unique feature to the table: Call-to-Action (CTA) creation.

  • Turn clicks into action: Sniply allows you to add a custom CTA to every piece of content you share. It's a great way to turn your content curation into a lead generation machine.
  • Monitor your success: With Sniply, you can track click-throughs and conversions from your CTAs. It's a great way to see what's working and what's not.
  • It's all about customization: Sniply lets you customize your CTA to match your brand. You can control everything from the color to the message.

So, why not add Sniply to your toolkit? It's a great way to make your content curation more effective and engaging. Plus, who doesn't love a good CTA?

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