Today we're moving out of our first home, into a new Brighton office space.

We finally decided that it was time to say goodbye to my house, and move into an actual office space, with office chairs rather than dining chairs and desks rather than kitchen tables. We didn't go far, moving from Brighton→Brighton, but it signifies a progression.

Working from home has had it's pros and cons; it's where the original concept for daisie was born, it's simplified and promoted working 12+ hour days, it's inexpensive and it has meant that I'm constantly surrounded by daisie at all times - but a real office space will give daisie room to grow and free up the possibility of expanding the team and therefore bring fresh ideas and experience to the table.

Over the next 6 month we will be looking at filling a number of new positions. Right now, we're looking for two people to join daisie, alongside Tim, Maisie and myself. The titles are Communications Director and Operations Director - head to our careers page to find more information.

Reflecting back, it's important to signify that there are many people whose help & experience have enabled daisie to get to the place it is today and who without, embarking on an endeavour of this size simply would not have been possible. You know who you are, and I want to take the time here to thank you. There's a long journey ahead, undoubtably filled with ups and downs, so I'll probably be needing that support for a little longer.

Goodbye to 'The Home' and hello to 'The Barn'!