We created a waiting list for people wanting to get onto daisie. Here's why.

The decision as to whether or not to have a waiting list wasn't an easy one - We've always spoken about our desire to inspire and empower anyone and everyone to become creators. However, we want daisie to be different from existing social medias, we want our platform to grow slowly and organically and to make sure we're welcoming new users in the right way. As aforementioned, there's a slight learning curve to daisie which we want people to get used to, and it's also important to us that people know why, and how to use daisie. It's a platform here for a reason & it's not beneficial to creators if it's the same as every social media that's been and gone before.

We really want to attract the people that possess the drive and passion that we’ve seen from the creators on the app already. Once you make it into daisie, you'll unlock referral codes -they'll ensure you can invite your favourite creative friends onto the app, to join you. The queue is moving, albeit slowly - so please be patient. You will be on daisie before you know it! We've already seen over 8,000 user accounts made in 2 days.

We're looking for creators to stand up, and show themselves - So if you believe you should be fast-tracked into the app, reach out to us, and tell us why. You can do this on Twitter, or by emailing us directly at: hello@daisie.com.

Thanks to all of our amazing testers, and early access users. Thank you for all of the feedback, uploads, comments, shares and love. We're so proud and happy that you’re a part of the community. It’s been incredible seeing the connections made, and learning more about you as creators as you share your past work. One of our favourite things is seeing the development of stories through projects, so please do continue to spend time developing those with text & images, and bringing on collaborators. Please, please keep on communicating, uploading and working together! Your content is going make a huge difference to other users when they log into daisie for the first time. The explore page is bursting with amazing, colourful and varied content and it’s so inspiring to find new creators every day.

Alongside that, please keep sending in your bug reports. We're constantly on the lookout, but are a small group with limited eyes and therefore can’t see everything! Your feedback is imperative to us, and our decision making - so don’t hesitate to email us at: feedback@daisie.com, or by DMing any of our accounts on daisie (@dom, @maisie, @reuben, @dominique, @tim, @valentina)

We'll see you soon on daisie!