We wanted to do a deep dive into the community and find out more about the people behind the platform, to get an idea for how far daisie has spread. Here are some fun facts we found:

Our first ever user was @ronan from London.

We're most popular in the United States. So much so that you would need to add the total users from United Kingdom, Germany and France, to amount to the number of users we have in the US.

We have 1 Jamaican user, 1 user from Sri Lanka and 1 user from Honduras.

We have the exact same amount of users (850) from Switzerland, as we do from New Zealand.

There's only 3 countries that daisie hasn't reached (yet!): North Korea, Uzbekistan and Andorra.

Despite our most popular Country being the US, the three cities with the most users are all outside of it. London holds the top spot, followed by Berlin and Melbourne.

We'd like to say a massive thank you to all of our users who continue to share their amazing creations with the community and broaden their creative networks. We're strapped in to see how the community develops in 2019.

Picture by @ galshir on daisie.