Introducing daisie, a platform for creative collaboration.

What is daisie?

daisie is a UK born platform, striving to bridge the gap between those in creative industries and those who want to be. We're building a safe space for creators of all kinds, whether you've just picked up a camera or you have a career in the arts - connection and collaboration is fundamental to your continued progression. Our platform will promote the 'messy middle' in creative projects, and meander between different mindsets and abilities.

We're aiming to provide the tooling & functionality necessary for you to display ideas, sketches, thoughts and feelings, taking concepts to completion, receiving feedback and bringing on collaborators throughout.

daisie will exist on your smartphone, as well as eventually having a web application. For us, the starting point is forming a community to build upon, and to bring incredible stories and products to.

What differentiates you from existing creative platforms?

We're built for collaboration, from the ground up. Ideas come in all shapes and sizes & we want to help you guide thoughts into teams and teams into products. We're looking for mood-boards, half finished pieces of art, prototypes, anything your brain conjured up whilst nurturing your films, songs, art, photographs, stories, garments into fruition. If it inspired you, it will inspire others.

We are more connected than ever, and have the freedom to create change. Creative industries are fluid in their nature; film influences music, art influences photography.

We're introducing new concepts like Chain, Explore and Question Time, which we will go on to explain in future posts. We hope they'll enable and encourage connectivity between creators. Our industries were specifically chosen; they are raw forms of communication that can benefit one another. We hope that all types of creatives and industries will be empowered to collaborate with people from every corner of the world, and find the inspiration to reach out of their comfort zone and work on projects that are not naturally their style.

The core of daisie is in the hands of the people that use it, the content that’s being uploaded, connections made, the feedback given, experience shared, work created - Our community is fundamental to the future of the app, as well as the present. We really want creatives to find and discover one another, with no boundaries, no limitations.

Where did the idea for daisie come from?

It was a stormy night. Rain lapped against the tilted glass windows with flickering candlelight illuminating the hunched figure scribbling furiously, a stack of blunt pencils evidence of work completed. A sense of urgency visualised through twitched glances, as though aware of watching eyes. Abruptly, as the moon shone most brightest, the figure stood, dusted off the skewed papers and withdrew to it's chamber. Later, it would become apparent that the work completed on that fateful night, would come to fruition under the name 'daisie' - The story had started.

Okay… What's next? How can I get involved?

Over the next weeks and months, we're going to be reaching out in a number of ways to introduce the first creators to daisie. Please reach out to us via Twitter and Instagram or sign up to email updates here if you're interested! We'd love to hear from you. We're expecting to be ready for download next summer.