We have just wrapped up Wonder Women after a super exciting couple of weeks! It was brilliant to see all of our creators at Daisie producing incredible projects and collaborating so wonderfully together. Watching our community grow makes us so proud!

Wonder Women was created to celebrate and recognise the diverse work of female creators - a group that is consistently overlooked and under-appreciated in the creative industries. We set the brief of 'wonder' to all our female-identifying creators to explore in their own way.

Soon, the Wonder Woman category blew up. We were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of talented females submitting their ideas. If you saw the level of work submitted, you'll understand that choosing winners from this was no easy feat. We judged each project based on the following:

  1. The project convincingly explored the theme of 'Wonder'.
  2. Had utilised Daisie's platform to the best of their abilities, i.e. beautiful blocks and boards accompanied by relevant imagery and text.
  3. Had a concrete vision that had been thoroughly planned out through Daisie.
  4. However, still, be in the concept phase - no finished pieces of work as the prize was funding to make the project!
  5. Had attracted a considerable amount of collaborators willing to work alongside the project.

After scrutinising every project and a lot of debating, we whittled the list down to six projects.

Meet your Wonder Women!!!

HER Music Video:

Emma Bradley (@emma) and Olivia O'Hara (@olivia) have rallied together a lovely bunch of Daisie creators to help produce a music video to accompany Emma's new single: Her. Their concept utilises juxtaposing imagery - depicting an ethereal woman dressed in flowing white fabric placed in a gritty setting. They're portraying the struggles women face in their day to day and how they ultimately overcome them. The video characterises Emma's emotional and evocative voice throughout 'Her'.

We fell in love with this idea as it celebrated the exceptional strength women have, as well as having accumulated a great and organised team of female creatives.

Check out 'Her'

The Homesick Project:

Daisie creator Nuria Deandre (@nutria) became curious about the concept of homesickness when moving from Madrid to Seoul. She wants to explore the phenomenon of humanities collective understanding of 'homesickness' and what triggers our natural draw to missing home. Nuria's aim is to provide a podcast space for people to speak about their homesickness as well as exploring this complex topic by providing a series of photos to accompany each podcast.

We chose this project as we loved the unique take on our brief. Homesickness is a very personal topic and this project offers a warm helping hand to those who are/have experienced it.

Check out 'The Homesick Project'


Daisie creator Vanessa Croome (@vcroome) wishes to bring some diversity to the classical music forefront. In her own words: "classical music is a lot of celebrated dead and alive white dudes, but not anymore". She aims to produce a digital gallery showcasing all the wonderfully diverse communities hidden within the world of classical music. She plans to bring women, POC, and LGBTQIA+ faces to the forefront and give them the recognition they deserve with this project.

This project grabbed our attention as it provided a fresh perspective on 'wonder'. Vanessa's mission to tackle the image of classical music while bringing attention to the diverse talent within the genre is what Daisie is all about. We can feel her passion for her art radiate through her project.


She Ba(L)d:

Mimi Drew (@mimidrew) is a 20-year-old girl who has, as of recently, 'involuntarily turned bald' from alopecia. She wants to produce a short film following a girl who radiates confidence and self-love who also has alopecia. This heartfelt and personal project aims to fight the stigma society currently has against female baldness. She wants to make it a talking point, removing the hush-hush culture society has against the topic of alopecia, making it more normalised.

We've had our eye on this project for a while. Mimi produced wonderful visuals for her Daisie board as well as providing insight into why she thinks this film is necessary. She is showing how beautiful, sexy and badass being bald can be both with this project and by being confident in her own baldness.

Check out 'She Ba(L)d'

The Girl's Bathroom:

Daisie creator Sofia Hadley-Johnson (@sofiahj) is producing a short film on the mystery of why girls all go to the bathroom together in her aptly named project 'The Girl's Bathroom'. The film allows the public a short glimpse into the amazing bonding experienced between girls in a bathroom. All girls have experienced the wonderful female-power of a nightclub toilet.

We loved this project as it proves how strong women are together. Highlighting how we hype each other up in our safe space of a girls bathroom. Women supporting women in media is something we need, as in our current society pitting women against each other is still all too common.

Check out 'The Girl's Bathroom'

The 100 Women Project:

Tara Anand (@taraanand) has produced a project that remembers and celebrates wonder women from both past and present-day. They aim to produce a website that will act as a diverse database and in-depth insight into all the wonderful women who helped shape history, their community and the world around us.

This project utilised our Daisie platform perfectly - bringing creative women from all over the world together to further celebrate female achievements. We loved their open-ended brief to their collaborators, allowing for them to pay homage to amazing women personal to their immediate community as well as historical figures.

Check out 'The 100 Women Project'

And those are our Wonder Woman picks!!

We already knew you were all so talented and Wonder Women only confirmed that further to us. Even if your project isn't listed, you're ALL Wonder Women!! We can't wait to see all the other projects come to fruition, you all worked so hard and we are so grateful for our lovely Daisie community.