A new look. A new chapter.
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 2 min read

A lot can change in two years. We've gone from a small team of 6 with a big idea, to a bigger team of 18 with massive ambitions for the future. We've launched a number of releases, held multiple, large-scale events and welcomed 40,000 users into our community. And we're still in private beta! Through it all, we've learnt a lot and had so much fun along the way.

As with many new companies, our initial brand was put together by friends lending a hand (thanks guys!). But as we found our feet and our voice, we began to hit the limits of our brand, and our logo – the "evil bunny with green ears".

Old Logo

With our horizons expanding, we needed an identity that felt just as broad and optimistic and that spoke to our community of creators.

We turned to the brilliant team at Koto (Airbnb/Sonos/Nike) to create our new logo, wordmark, colour palette, typography and visual style – all the things we needed ahead of launching globally in May.

Strategy Session

Together, we debated, moodboarded and spent a lot of time talking about what we didn't like and what wasn't Daisie. At every stage, we put it to the vote with the wider company, ensuring the final version had a little bit of all of us, and would be something we could all get behind.

The resulting identity deeply reflects our purpose of bringing creators together and supporting them to do amazing work. From our scrappy symbol to our bold typeface, it's distinct, playful and simple. Yes, we're a tech company, but we're so much more – a playground for creative collaboration online and offline, for everyone, everywhere.

With our new brand now in place, we'll be busy working behind the scenes to launch globally in May. Until then, follow us on Instagram or Twitter to be the first to find out about all that’s coming up.

New branding