The Next Step
Written by  Daisie Team
Published on 2 min read

Connect with creative people like you. Share original content, learn, discover and be inspired to start new conversations and make ideas happen. We’re introducing creators from all around the world, to bring new, raw ideas to life, and reignite the spark on old projects. Explore creative work in film, fashion, music, photography, art and literature, interacting directly with the inspirational people breaking grounds at the top of these industries.

Filmmakers, Writers, Readers, Listeners & Speakers, Poets, Dancers, Singers, Chefs, Entrepreneurs, Developers & Architects, if you have a passion for building, teamwork or doing — you are a creator. We’re establishing a community that thrives on collaboration, somewhere creative ideas are safe to be explored, developed and understood; for all ages, all regions, all nationalities. Our goal is to fundamentally redesign the way that creatives work together and discover one another. We want you to find your people, and celebrate the experience of enabling one destination for creator driven content.

We are building a world where creators are credited properly for their work. Instead of dumping names onto the bottom of a description, or tagging a pile of random usernames on an image; we’re making a point to credit people with the roles they had and the impact they made on the overall project. When creative pieces of work co-exist on all collaborators profiles, sharing the view count and comments - everyone grows together, the credit is shared and feedback spread, providing valuable credit and benefitting the team.

daisie establishes collaboration from raw concept through to final delivery, a transparent journey from a fleeting thought or random inspiration, to the nuts and bolts of development and then the finished product. The exposure of the steps you take can be freeing, both for yourself as a creator, but also for the individuals that look up to you for advice.

Our creative playground is a first iteration of the platform that we want to provide for all of the free-thinking creators who need somewhere to share ideas. One constantly changing drawing board that allows likeminded individuals and teams to collaborate. daisie will adapt and develop frequently, and our recent visit to San Francisco will ensure that we have the team behind us to be able to do so. More on that soon! As for now, there's a week until launch, so we're putting our heads down and focusing on that! See you soon.